Well-being with Samantha

My name is Samantha and I offer Beautiful Angelic guidance, healing, courses and meditations. All healings and courses can be arranged either distantly or on a one to one basis.

Angelic light attunement and healing

Align your soul to the Angel’s. Recieve a beautiful and powerful Angel connection healing and meditation. This is completed via messenger or phone. Samantha connects with your energy while completing a guided meditation over the phone. Gently healing and bringing in the Angel’s around you.


Unique Working with the Angels course.

During this course you will recieve one to one guidance on how to connect with your Angel’s for the higher good of yourself and others. You will also recieve 2 soul Alignment healings that will activate your connection to the Angelic realm and awaken your Gift of Angelic connection.


7 day healing in Angelic Light course

This is a beautiful course of Angelic and Holy spirit light sent to you 15minutes a day for 7 days. Samantha Facilitates the Angelic and divine light from source around you and brings on the light to your heart and aura. Your energy will feel boosted and re energised while Samantha holds you in the light.


Soul Alignment Course. Awakening the Alchemy of your Soul and Spirit.

Align your soul with the Alchemy of the holy spirit. Activate your spiritual gifts and realign your mind, body and spirit. 2 soul alignment healings


Soul alignment healing and guidance reading

Recieve a beautiful guidance reading and healing. Realign your soul and cleanse your mind


Soul and Spirit Alignment healing and Guidance Reading

Recieve an indepth Soul and Spirit Guidance Reading plus Healing


Trinity of light, Embodying the Light Course. Aligning the 7 Light points of the Soul

This totally unique course you will be aligned and attuned to the healing Ray’s of source light and energy. Your energy system once attuned you will be activated as a channel of light for the purpose of guiding Sacred Source Energy for the benefit of yourself and others.


7 day Healing in the light Prayer circle

If you are finding things tough right now and could use an extra energy boost. Then this 7 day Holding you in the light course you can be added to the circle of light and recieve 15mins of Light Healing a day for 7 days. Leaving you feeling comforted, protected and a boost of energy.


Alchemy of the holy spirit healing practitioner course..

This unique Energy therapy course you will recieve 7 Energy attunements and energy activations. These Activations will activate your ability to channel Healing Source Energy for the higher good of others. You will learn how to guide the energy and rebalance someones auric field. At the end of this course you will recieve a certification confirming you as a holy spirit healingTherapist.


Soul alignment and healing Donation

This is a powerful energetic healing treatment that is completed distantly. During this treatment Samantha works with her light team and yours to connect with the layers of your soul. On each energy point of your soul trauma and any energy blockages are released and replaced with light. As each energy point is rebalanced your soul then realigns with the natural energy of the universe leaving you completely rebalanced and re energised. Each treatment consists of 4 distance healings of 30mins.


Soul Healing and past life reading


Emotional and Spiritual Freedom Therapy

During this hour long Therapy session Samantha will use a combined technique of Energy healing and Guided meditation to enable you to release past and present emotional trauma and realign your Spiritual self.


Healing with the Angel’s course

This fantastic unique course you will have one to one mentorship on how to open up your psychic awareness and connect with your Angel’s. Learn how to hear, see and feel your Angel’s around you. This course includes 4 hours of one to one workshop by phone plus 4 attunements of energy to open up your spiritual gifts and allow you to connect with your Angel’s for the purpose of healing for the higher good of yourself and others.


Angel Guidance reading

Recieve a beautiful Angel guidance reading channelled directly from your Angel’s.


Spirit Guide Channelled Reading

Recieve a beautiful Spirit guide channelled guidance reading.


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