Rise of the light… unique spiritual self development and one to one healing.

This is a non profit organisation and all profits are donated on to samaritans and other well being organisations.

Are you looking to develop your spiritual gifts, expand your conscious awareness? understand how to enhance your spiritual self? This website has beeen developed to help you understand your journey and holds a wealth of information and guidance to help you understand your spiritual self.

Along with free information I run extensive spiritual online and practical courses.

Courses available…

Soul alignment course £60

This unique course brings understanding of how your soul connects to the universe. It includes complete realignment of our energy activation points reconnecting you and realigning your soul to the universal source energy within you.

The course includes the following..

– part 1… who are you

– part 2.. the universe within you

– part 3.. How energy works

– part 4..Energy clearance.

The course includes 7 distance energy activations. Each energy activation is designed to activate each energy chakra, this in turn realigns and awakens the soul.

– Meet your spirit guide workshop £20.

-Advanced master energy training courses, held in many different locations across the uk. For these locations and dates please email me

-one to one spiritual mentorship £15 per hour

– energy healing £15 includes scanning for energy implants and removal

– spiritual guidance readings £15

– Meet your light team guidance £15

– Energy healer practitioner course £60

– Master energy healer course. Become an energy teacher £120

Due to such high demand and the totally unique courses and one to one tuition that is offered there are only a few spots offered per day.

If you would like to book please email myself samanthafourieangeltherapy@gmail.com

All spiritual development courses are uniquely tailored to your needs. All healings, energy clearances and entity removals can be completed both one to one or distantly. As well as uniquely tailored one to one courses and development unique installment options can be arranged also.

All of these options can be discussed on contact.

Remember the power is within you. Find your soul and follow your truth.

Love and light Sam