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Why if there is one God are we drawn to so many different energies and belief systems?

I have often questioned if there is one source, one power (God) then why is there so many different religions, beliefs, faiths etc yet they all ultimately say the same. This question also resonates with the different energies and belief systems of ‘ new age practices’ such as the use of namaste instead of Amen etc etc. I know in my heart that not one belief over rides another, and that we are all being uniquely guided to different energy/belief systems for different purposes. The key is that every faith, belief or religion is based on an energy vibration.

An example of this would be those who follow the pagan belief system have a natural energy connection to the earth. They naturally feel an obligation to protect and nurture the earth as well as having a very defined groundedness about their energy. Whereas from my experience those who work with Angels and a higher energy vibration often have the belief system or christian background.

Please accept this is all just from my experience but the important thing is that no one is right and no one is wrong. We are infact all here doing Gods work and have been chosen to follow certain pathways for specific reasons. Belief systems are simply emotions or a resonance with something, I personally am fascinated by all of them and only take the parts that resonate with me.

The truth of the matter is we are all here for certain reasons and we have been strategically placed around the world energy wise for specific purposes.

But my question is… Why are we all guided to different systems if we are all right?

Here is the answer i recieved after directing it to God…

” Each and every one of you have my divine light within you. I sent certain masters of the past to be among you and share my love and wisdom amongst you. But again earthly things such as Ego and glory often stood in the way and my message to the world did not get through. Apart from Jesus who was the purest of all of the masters i sent to be among you. But now is a time of great change. Sending masters worked for the task at hand however now you under go your own challenge as a collective consciousnous. Now is the time to become your own masters. My Angels, guides, ascended masters are all working tirelessly to awaken the divine light within all of you so that there is no need for the ego of masters mixing my work… My work and love will be in all of you. When you become awakened to the light, you become awakened to me. Every belief system is leading to me. Those belief systems that are unworthy will disappear. Each and every soul is here for me and each have a task at hand. Every light in this world is there strategically placed to help change the energy vibration of where they are. Each belief system is in place to help to guide those on that energy vibration. The ultimate goal for all souls is to move through the different energy layers and start to connect with me directly so that my love and light can flow through them and be guided wherever it is needed. I hope this helps dear one”

So wherever you are follow what is right for you at that time. We are all being guided as part of a huge web of light and different energy vibrations.

Enjoy your journey xxxx

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