spiritual development

Every spiritual path is different

Throughout your spiritual journey you will often question… Am I on the right path? This can be tricky when you are in a mine field of information, not knowing which way to turn, but understand that everyone’s spiritual journeys move at different paces, in different directions and sometimes it stops off at places, other times it doesn’t. We are all spiritual beings who are all connected to our own spiritual pathways. Our journey often isn’t just for us, it can be for those around us.

Every experience we have, whether it be good or bad is meant as part of our journey. Spiritually however no matter what your journey, it is down to how we respond to that situation that matters.

We each choose a path here on earth before we incarnate. This is to pay off certain karmic debt from previous lives and to learn certain lessons. Some have greater lessons to learn than others. But essentially we are here muddling through trying to reach our final destination.

But what is that final destination? and what are we all striving for? during your journey of spiritual development or learning you have a stirring inside of you that this is all meant for something greater? You know in your heart that there is more to you than physical self. You understand that you are here as a greater consciousnous and that what you are striving for is something greater than yourself? These are all questions that you will be asking yourself at some point during your spiritual journey.

Once you start to delve more into your spiritual self you will often start to question am I on the right path? Other people may be at different levels as you or encouraging you into the same direction as them. Everyone’s journey is different and will move at different paces. A spiritual journey is about understanding yourself and how to take ownership of your own journey. Not what a book says or someone else says. We are all individual beacons of light in physical form who are being directed to where we need to be. Some souls have chosen to be placed in difficult situations so that they can help others around them. Others choose to go on wayward paths to experience certain things In order to re find themselves and help others in other situations. But the one thing that we can count on is that God is guiding us and we are all finding our way along this tricky pathway of life.

To know if you are on the right path you follow your instincts. Your intuition is your gut instinct and is connected with your soul. Your soul knows your soul records and your spiritual plan. It will guide you to where you need to be.

Planetary plans? So what are we all here for?

We are all part of a mass consciousness who are all souls that have been placed here on the earth plane to show our dedication to finding our way back to God. God from a spiritual perspective is the light source, the creator of energy/us. Part of our challenge over the mass perspective is to over come spiritual hurdles, understand the spiritual warfare that is out there and over come darkness within ourselves and around us. We are all on a mass challenge to find ourselves, reconnect with our souls and understand who we really are. So no spiritual journey is the same and will never go at the same pace as anyone else. As long as you follow your instincts, Have love in your heart and do the best that you can for yourself and those around you then you will be doing exactly what is needed of you.

You are amazing, and wherever you are in your journey keep going…. Share your love and light, take whatever you can from the lessons you are given and know that you are being guided in everything that you do.

Love and light Sam x

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