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We are all ascending at a divine pace. Trust in your journey

The energy awakening is happening, the revelation is happening. Thousands of light workers and earth angels are being woken up and are going through a huge energy transition. This energy shift is to help tilt the earths energy vibration from a negative to a positive charge.

Once this happens and the energy is shifted, it will pave the way for a new generation of human, they will be already intune with the divine light, their energies will be pure love and light and the planet will be restored to the heaven it was created to be. Yet at the moment all of that seems very out of reach!

If you are reading this it is very likely that you are an earth angel or lightworker waking up and starting your journey of finding your soul.

You may be judging yourself on others and how far they have come. Please dont! One thing is for certain we are all divine light. We are all created by the divine. We all created for a perfect divine purpose.

But if we are all the same why are we so far apart on our journeys? Every earth angel and lightworker is beginning to wake up. Their energies are ascending at different paces. This is all divinely guided.

Imagine a dot to dot of light. You have to start somewhere? But energy wise the planet holds different energy frequencies in different places. These are all created to bring about perfect balance for when everything eventually links together. When each earth angel or lightworkers energy increases it creates a ripple effect around them. There will be some energy that takes a while to shift onto next levels but this is not YOU! this is for the highest good of where you are and what is around you. If you are in a place where the energy is very low vibrational then if YOUR energy ascends too quickly then this will be useless. But if it happens gradually and at a slower pace, it will connect with the energy around you and slowly shift that as well. Imagine it as a gathering of light and as your energy ascends so does the energy around you.

Alot of earth angels and lightworkers have signed soul contracts that they will be placed in very low vibrational situations or places, however as their energy awakens it changes the energy around them therefore breaking the cycle of negative!!!

So never judge your journey on others. Just trust that you are moving at exactly the right pace for the divine plan.

And once again thankyou for being here on this mission and helping our beautiful planet.

Love and light Sam xxxxx

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