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The Army of light has arrived

Last night something really unusual happened which I have yet to grasp, it was so extraordinary. I am sharing so that anyone else experiencing the same thing will know that it is all part of the process and they are not alone.

I was sleeping and around 2am on the 28th July I was woken up completely startled. I was in a type of paralysis with an electric current going from my third eye out into the universe, it was so powerful that I was forced to sit up, yet I was attached to this hugely powerful energy force it was like this current of intense energy was being jolted through my DNA. Whilst this was happening I could not move, when you see an image of an electric current hitting something it was exactly the same, but this huge force was coming from the universe and there was no pain. But my body felt like it had been jolted and filled with this intense energy. My ears were ringing and it was like a gateway opening up into a completely different energy frequency.

So I needed to know what happened. This is completely out there and so the only way I could really find out what happened is to ask my guides to guide me and help me understand what has gone on.

I was shown that a gateway has been opened and a huge amount (I mean thousands) of light helpers from other galaxies have arrived into the planets energy field. They are part of an army of light.

The angels have been paving the way for this very moment. And now that the awakening is in full swing the next wave of light helpers have arrived. Many earth angels and lightworkers journeys are about to speed up, and their transformation into total energy embodiment will accelerate. Many will be having new guides show up and help them on their journey.

Trust your instincts, these guides will be unusual looking, but they will fill you with unconditional love. If you feel safe with their energy, and the energy they bring brings comfort then allow them in. They are here to help you.

Many people may have been having panic attacks over the last few days, this is because the arrival of these powerful light helpers within the spiritual realms has really unsettled negative entities. The light is accelerating at a huge force now, and the darker entities are becoming extremely unsettled, but please do not fear. The light will overcome the darkness. This is why the army of galactic beings and light helpers have arrived. The planet has already passed its point of going from negative to positive, but now is the time to start helping humanity.

Lightworkers around the world are already doing their job by transmitting light to the planet, and It is working!!! But now is the time for the individual.

All lightworkers and earth angels will now have extra help by this army of light beings to bring out the shadow and clear their energy systems. It will take time. But it is in full swing!!! They have arrived and this is going to bring the planet and the awakening onto a brand new level.

These Galactic beings will be working alongside your angels, pray that you are guided, and they are here to help all of us. It will be difficult and emotional releasing old negative energies, but trust in the process and know that once completed, you will be in perfect unison with the universe. The chains will be broken and we will be part of one huge light portal.

Follow your intuition and trust in your journey. You are here for a reason! You are an earth angel.

Love light and hugs xxx

Energy Ascension meditation, awaken to the divine light

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