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Ashtar galactic guides and Jesus

During my awakening I have experienced lots of different DNA activations and energetic surgeries taking place during my meditations and during sleep state, many of which have taken months to understand and find out why this has taken place. But Im not going into that now lol!

One in particular happened about a month ago when I had an energetic healing from a dear friend Lynda Oldham. This was a beautiful crystal healing, and I’m just enjoying this very rare hour out from the kids! when something very prominent happened, I was in deep relaxation state, just enjoying the energy around me when all of a sudden I saw at the top of my head…. higher than the third eye, approximately 2 inches above the third eye, a seal in the shape of a star opening up in front of me. Then only what I can describe as beings looking down into my consciousness, I couldn’t move, my energy was almost paralyzed, whilst they opened up this seal. I saw 5 or 6 beings peering down into my consciousness, all I saw was their silhouettes of their slight physical form and their large oval piercing eyes. It freaked me out to say the least! before this my spiritual journey had always taken me on the path way of working with angelic energies, and as this progressed I was drawn to working with the Archangels, higher spiritual beings and then one amazing healing session I was conducting I started to Feel Jesus coming through. He was the most amazing golden light, I saw no being, just light, but the love that overwhelmed my soul was so intense I just knew my energy was home…. connected with the intense powerful source that is our father… God. Jesus was the gateway to this energy. When I felt I was working with Jesus, I was guided to share my experiences with the local church (this was a bit daunting as I didn’t want people to think I’m claiming I’m special etc)  but on describing what had happened it turns out it is very similar to those who had had an awakening to the holy spirit within a church background. I also knew we were all working together, but how was another question.

So if I’m working with these spiritual beings, how on earth do these experiences with  what I could only describe as ET’S have anything to do with it??

To say I was nervous about what had happened is an understatement. I had many people around me suddenly sharing fear led stories abut controlling ETS, those who are here to control our energies etc. But deep down I knew that this wouldn’t have happened during a beautiful angelic healing session if it had been in anyway a darker entity.

But how are the ET’S, Jesus, other spiritual leaders, Archangels, Angels all intertwined?

Here is what I have been told, by who I know now as ASHTAR. these are galactic beings who have been summoned by God the (universal power in which we all originate) to oversee the energy ascension of both humanity and the planet.

I haven’t yet come across any other types of ET’S in my work as yet, although as with everything on this planet, we are all working with different energies for different purposes. However all for the collective higher consciousness, so for many they will be working with other races of ET’S within their spiritual awakening. The important thing for your journey is to follow your own intuition and to listen to within…. Only you know your journey. Follow your soul, rather than those around you.

So who is Ashtar and what are theses galactic beings here to do?

Ashtar is the commander of the galactic federation summoned to help with the awakening of lightworkers throughout the planet. They are overseeing the opening of energy portals around the planet and gently easing the planets consciousness into a full state of connection with the divine source. Until now, planet earth has been given free reign to do as it will, humans have been given free will on this beautiful planet, yet the forces of darkness that until now have reigned over that free will have gone to far. The use of chemical weapons, space weapons, the burning of our planets lungs, the destruction and greed that is running rogue across the globe has gone to far! Ashtar are one of 5 galactic forces who have been summoned in to help teach the world how to change our ways, and open up to the light.

Until now spiritual darkness has been allowed to control our planet. but that reign is now over. The awakening is now happening and the earth has changed from a negative force into a positive. The revelation in the bible has begun. Light is gaining control and darkness is losing its power. There are 144,000 lightworkers who have been strategically placed across the planet, in specific areas. they will be the first to awaken. When they do awaken to the powerful light of their soul that light will cause a huge shift in consciousness to all those around them. They will become beacons of Gods Light, they are transmitters of light. Once all fully awakened and their lights ignite, this will link in a web of light, each one channelling in a light from the universe around us through energy portals opened up and protected by the galactic star beings such as Ashtar as his team. This web of light will all be using their skills of energy transmission to channel love and light from the source, that light transmits through them into gaia, mother earth beneath them, once this happens and every light has awoken and is fully connected to the source around them, energy wise the earth will begin to shift dramatically, the image they are showing me is like the 144,000 forming a web of light, like a net of light around the earth, that light is connected to the other planets and universe around us, all drawing to the same source, (like a football in a net and the net all leads to the same place) When this happens the shift of the planet has changed and a new world will be born, one of peace, oneness and love and light. Why? because each and every person on this planet will have learnt to be fully connected in a different state of consciousness, we will all be transmitting pure love and light. Life on the earth will have been restored and we can join our galactic family within the universe of oneness.

So how is Ashtar Galactic federation linked to Jesus? Jesus Sits on the divine spiritual council, he is the gateway between peoples souls and the divine Source.

When Jesus arrived here on this planet he was the messenger of God, he needed to arrive to show people the way, he needed to be in physical form for people to believe and follow the light. When this happened it did energy wise jolt the planet into a long process of change. This also goes for other spiritual ascended masters from all belief systems.

Jesus is head of the spiritual council and is the gateway to the soul. He will come for each and every soul on this planet to bring them through into the higher consciousness. Ashtar and the galactic federation along with other light beings are guarding the portals opening and the changes that are happening. Spiritually once your soul is through the gate of light, and met by Jesus or the divine light you will now be ready to initiate your energy into the highest possible consciousness and fully connected to the universal family around us…. imagine Jesus as the door and as you walk into the next room you are met by a host of teachers and family! You are then able to move from room to room sharing the loving light that’s around you.

But what about other religions and spiritual beliefs? like the galactic federations assigned to help us, there are many spiritual teachers of the past that have been assigned to help bring people together as one, they are working with and alongside Jesus, God, the spiritual council They are all as one and connected with the divine source, so no matter what religion you are, we are all being guided to be as one, and each and every soul is being guided home through love and light. Soon we will be on a planet where there is no religion, no barriers, we will be fully connected with everyone and everything around us.

No matter who you are, and what your beliefs, if you are guided by Love and light, you are following your souls true path.

Watch “Important for lightworkers. The Army has arrived!” on YouTube

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