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How and why are we being guided to raise our energy vibration

The awakening of the planet has begun. The earth is moving quickly into a new state of consciousness and we are heading for a new world where by we are connected to our galactic families, universal source and we will all be able to connect with the pure, unconditional loving energy that is our creator.

By raising your energy vibration now you are effectively sending a signal out to the universe that you wish to join the revolution, and you are wiling to take part in the mass ascension that is taking place. And I promise, you will not miss out! Join in now and you will be taking part in the most exciting time in humanities history.

So what is raising my energy vibration? In simple terms its connecting with ones true self. The light that ignites a burning desire within the soul. This is your spirit, your energy. For too long now, we have all been just blindly plodding along not understanding who we are and why we do things? We have had to play the game of life, whilst we grow up we have been moulded to how society needs to see us, how those around us see us. But now is different. Now its time to listen to your soul and be true to yourself, and see yourself for who you truly are… A divine being, brought here to take part in the biggest energy change in the history of the world! Exciting ha?

So why now? just recently around about the 26th August the Lionsgate opened and this took the planet into a positive charge rather than a negative. Spiritually for the past 6 months or so there has been a major battle between light forces versus dark. as a quick description darker forces are the negative strands of energy that have been attached to the planet and have kept mankind under strict control. However with the hard work and dedication of lightworkers across the globe who are transmitters of light across the globe as well as their spiritual helpers, the planet has finally switched from a negative to a positive charge. If you’d like to know more about this feel free to visit my you tube channel under Samantha fourie and the episode about the Lionsgate opening explains everything that has been happening.

But what we are really here to talk about is you…. How can you join in the awakening? and how can you begin to change your energy vibration?

Firstly understand that the awakening is not about, being better than anyone else, forget what others are doing…. Just focus on you. The awakening is about every individual waking up to being exactly who they need to be, and being the very best of themselves.

As you wake up to who your truly are then you cause a mass ripple effect, your light within your soul begins to burn bright and that light begins to change the places and people around you. Your light begins to rub off on people and this in turn helps the mass consciousness of light that is quickly taking a grip of humanity.

So how do I even start?? I have no clue about spiritual stuff, no clue about spirit etc?

The answer is you start from within. Everything you need to know about your own awakening is from within. You know yourself, so you know your spirit. Awaken your spirit and you will start your awakening. Everything else from there will begin to fall into place.


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So how do I start?

Start from within, ask yourself what makes me happy?

By making yourself happy you start to feel good, your spirit/energy lifts and you start to feel positive. So immediately you have started to change from a negative vibe to a positive.

But what If I cant afford to do what makes me happy? or I don’t have time?

Sometimes the things in life that makes us the happiest are spending time in nature, this is an immediate spirit lift, nature naturally cleanses and heals the soul. Spend as much time in nature as you possibly can and immediately you will start to feel better.

If you are time short, which many of us are with the hectic day to day life that takes over us (which by the way is what it is designed for!) take time every day at least 20 minutes to do something that makes you feel good, it can be listening to your favourite music, taking a walk in the park, using your lunch hour to be within nature? make a conscious effort to make time for yourself at least 20mins a day.

Start the day with feeling gratitude…. This will immediately shift your spirit. No matter what, make a conscious decision at the start of the day to fill your head with gratitude. You may be struggling to pay the bills, you may have had your life turned upside down… But You are here, You are breathing, You are able to read this, you have the chance to make today a good day, and most of all you have been guided to read this most probably because your angels around you are guiding you. So already that’s 4 things to be grateful for.

Remember life until now has been sculptured to control people, negative energy feeds off of negative energy, so until now this negative energy across the planet has had free reign, but trust when I say this… The past year the light has begun to take back power and we are moving into a new state of consciousness… that of peace and love within ourselves and our planet.


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So now that you have started the day with gratitude, try putting it out to the universe and your spiritual helpers around you that you are now willing to do whatever is needed to find your true self. Say a prayer or affirmation that you are grateful for everything that you have, and are willing to be shown the way to wherever you need to be.

Let go of worry….

Negative energies feed off of fear and worry. but put it this way our lives are designed to be filled with fear and worry. This has to be the most difficult mould to break, but by filling your heart with gratitude and faith in the spirit around you, you will begin to let go of fear and worry and you will start to feel the energy around you change. Make a conscious decision every day to set your soul free… Break the chains of fear around you and know that you are a divine being who deserves to be happy.

Remember this is just the beginning. But by making these first few steps every day, you will start to make a huge difference to how you feel.

Follow me on you tube to get updated videos on how to raise your consciousness, There are also links below for more articles that may be of interest to you.

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