spiritual development

Message of frequency changes

Your energies are changing for a reason. The planet has shifted along in the universe and her energy is now fully connected with her galactic family. By shifting the energy that is connected to your physical self you will start to be able to listen to within. When your hear your inner voice you can start to really hear the voice of our father, God, creator, source whatever word you want to use. You will start to speak the universal language of love. We are love, we originate from love and soon we will all be connected again within universal power of love.
Never again will the darkness be allowed to have power over earth again, she has found her way home and is back among the universal order of love.

We understand your love for Gaia, We hear your love and light for humanity and your hard work has been heard. Now is the time for you to change your frequencies so that you can fully connect with Gods love, so you can feel it within your soul, and just like earth, your soul will feel like it is home.

In order to do this we must help to shift the heavy energy that has been resting on your shoulders, we must clear any threads of energy that have remained stuck within your system. these threads of energy can be from both past lives, trauma or anything that has inadvertently stuck to you within the past. We will be guiding the light into your energy system, and upgrading your DNA to the frequency that is needed. For some this is quick as there is little to clear, for others it may take extra time. But know this… Your soul is calling, it knows its way home, it needs to and wants to break through the energy barriers and beat at the same frequency as the great creator himself.

with your permission we will keep on upgrading your frequencies and you will start to find your soul again, the soul that is fully connected to love.

We thankyou for allowing us to connect.

Ashtar Command.

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