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Soul Codes

I haven’t yet delved into this information and there is still new information being brought forward, however I just thought I would share my insight and experiences these past few weeks and what they have come to mean.

So the past 2 weeks I have felt that I am not completely here and part of me is elsewhere. I have felt exhausted and very low on energy. I have felt that my energy is being used elsewhere and I was shown My light at the gates of the 4th/5th dimension and being used to absorb negative energies and transmitting them into light, I saw my light as a cross and being used to absorb as much energy as possible. But here in the physical plane I was exhausted and napping all of the time. I just knew that how I saw my light was true and this is what had been happening.

Then another shift happened…. I was shown crystals within the earth lighting up ley lines across the planet and they were linking up the crystalline grids beneath the earth. As these crystals activated, it created a huge magnetic force around the planet and I just saw light expanding everywhere. Pretty awesome and exciting that this shift has now happened.

Following this shift I had been waking up every night, to seeing a line of codes/symbols being filtered through my crown chakra, but as I awoke, I always saw above me a small dot of light that was being resealed, like a zip of codes and then the light shutting down. I needed to know what this was! so I asked for guidance and asked for them to bring me the answer.

The following day I was just drawn to start writing, I had to place information down on paper. The information that was brought forward was as follows….

– As lightworkers/earth angels we took out a soul contract to be brought to this earth plane in order to help the planet transition to light but for maximum benefit part of our soul light code was given a life plan.

– When we arrived on this earth plane we were put to sleep spiritually. Our life plan then begins, with each life experience, places we go, people we meet if it is Gods will part of our soul coding is left behind. These soul codes are with certain people, in certain places etc. Have you ever wondered why as an earth angel our life plans until now have been so difficult? two reasons, one we bring love and compassion wherever we go, and 2 soul codes are left behind ready for the transition, we are effectively as spiritual beings broken down and fragmented only to find ourselves later on.

– A week or so ago the Crystalline grids connected and were fully active this has activated lights all over the planet.

– At the same time many souls are reaching the gates of the 5th dimension and fully connecting with their higher self and our spiritual beings around us etc

– As your light becomes stronger the light of your soul is connected to both the father God and Mother God. You become a beacon of light. This light then activates like a magnet and fragments of our soul codes are brought back into our energy systems. But before this happens, as your light becomes stronger it activates the light in the codes from your soul left in certain places, with certain people etc. So as your main soul light activates, so do the fragments of your soul scattered in different places. Its like a huge gathering of light.

– These fragments of your soul can be left with people, places within the 3d or it can be on the 4d etc, but they all become activated when your soul reaches the high vibration of energy. When they activate, they activate an imprint of light wherever they are.

– These activations takes place strategically in accordance to the planetary healing, which is why I have always said, ascension is not a race!!! We are all being activated at specific times to connect the grids of light together.

– Once all of the fragments of your soul become active and are working on the same vibrational frequency as your main soul, they begin to reconnect and therefore you are becoming whole again.

– Once all of the fragments have arrived back with you, you will then begin to receive new codes within you from the different dimensions, upgrading you and activating the full power within you.

– I was shown that when this happens your health increases, cells regenerate etc and we become fully integrated into the crystalline state,

So all in all as lightworkers until now many of you have given parts of your soul to different places etc which has then caused a huge wave of light!. Then we see the rainbow children arriving and stepping into their power and they are paving the way for the new world. Super exciting!

I hope this helps everyone xxxxx Lots of love

Ps I would love to know other peoples experiences etc, we can all help each other out 🙂


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