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The walls of reality are collapsing

Now that the ascension is in full swing we are seeing the walls of reality collapsing around us. You will become aware that as multi-dimensional beings you are able to take your energy to wherever is needed. You can meet souls in other dimensions and recognize their energy straight away. But most importantly for many lightworkers the walls of reality are collapsing and you are seeing very quickly just who you are and seeing the truth in everything around you. There may be many realities around you that are suddenly showing themselves as no good for you as well as being shown other realities that are within the future or what you will become.

The important thing to remember is you have control, It may seem like everything around you is collapsing, but this is meant to happen.

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You have complete control, stay strong and firm and trust that all will reveal itself very soon. Decisions will be made subconsciously about where you want your life to be headed, who you wish to surround yourself with, how you wish for others to treat you etc. This is a time of shedding and evolvement. You are evolving into a magnificent multi dimensional being, be strong, stead fast and watch the magic unfold.

Spend time on yourself, put yourself on the pedestal that you deserve to be on and shine from within. Remember its ok as a lightworker/earth angel to put yourself first. We are a mass consciousness, the more people feeling good and emanating love from within for themselves, the planet and those around you the better everyone feels around you.

Stand strong with your light shining, trust in your souls progression and allow all things around you that no longer serves you to disappear. The walls of control around you cannot stand any longer and the void between the dimensions and realms of reality are thinning, yes the world seems in chaos at the moment, but trust in the process, we are all being helped and guided by the light. Your full potential will soon be made aware to you.

Keep shining beautiful souls xxx

Shining from your soul meditation. samanthafourie.com

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