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The Divine energy portal of peace and love

On Saturday 26th October 2019, the first energy portal between the divine mother earth and the Divine heavenly realms connected and the first key to immense energy being filtered into the earth was opened.

Commander Ashtar and his federation of light, who have been working tirelessly with Lord Sananda were able to open the very first portal of light on this earth.

In order to do this they had to wait until all of the crystalline grids had been sealed and activated within the earths core.

Until now the only way to bring divine light and energy into the earths atmosphere had been through activated crystals and awakened lightworkers/crystals/indigos/earth angels etc. We were the pillars of light and as many of your are aware you have been working tirelessly within the different realms of energy, channelling and directing light etc.

Saturday 26th October this all changed! On the 24th October 2019 Lord Sananda’s divine energy manifested here in the physical plane, this was assisted by galactic commander Ashtar. Not only did this light manifest once in physical form but it was also distributed as the divine light of Archangel Michael, protector of humanity and mother earth.

For the first time ever these divine sources of energy had been brought down into the earth plane and have been able to manifest into physical form.

So what about this energy? On Saturday 26th October within a stone circle deep within the earth, one of the contact points for the Galactic command was opened. A physical manifestation carrying both the divine Christ light as well as light of Archangel Michael was placed within this circle. Mother Earth then connected with the divine universal source through this physical form and for the first time ever the two connected.

This has now created a free flow of healing energy for mother earth and her inhabitants. That divine light from God is now gently healing mother earth.

Many who follow the Schumann resonance would have noticed the huge change in energy flow.

Many lightworkers already working at that frequency of energy would have seen the light, or felt that something had changed.

So why is it so exciting? Not only have we reached a point where the divine source light is now flowing into the earths core, gently healing her soul, but this is a continuous flow of divine energy that all earth angels, lightworkers, star seeds etc can draw on for extra help.

Remember that until now we have all been doing the hard work and acting as physical forms of light. Now however we have an extra hand!!

So how do we benefit from this light?

Your soul is already divine light, its created from the same light that is now gently flowing through the earth. from your soul ask the divine father to bring you peace and healing, this light will naturally be flowing to whoever calls upon it, this isn’t to gain power or extra spiritual gifts etc, this is simply to feel the beautiful, unconditional love from source within your heart. It will gently calm our minds and heal our torment, making us feel in deep peace and unconditional love.

The message of this beautiful energy…. You are fully protected, loved and are in the arms of the divine father once again.

A beautiful affirmation to draw on this energy would be…

” Divine father, I give gratitude for what I have, My heart is open and soul ready to received your divine love, protection and peace. With grace allow me to heal so that I may be of service to your love. Amen”

I hope you all enjoy this new found beautiful energy that has been gifted to us.

Love, light and Peace xxxx

What are the spiritual dimensions people talk about? 3d,4d, 5d and 6d


Light activation into the 6th dimension meeting your galactic guides

This can only be completed if your energy is already within the 4th/5th dimensional realms and you are already along your spiritual progression. This will activate your light so that you are working among your galactic guides. This is the final stage for any lightworker discovering their full potential as multi-dimensional being



4 thoughts on “The Divine energy portal of peace and love”

  1. Hi Samantha. For the past 2 days I’ve felt so tired sleeping between 12-18 hrs each day. Is this because of this or maybe something else? I have been working with 3 new crystals. Thank you💜


    1. Hiya it would be down to the new frequency that is happening because of this xxxxx we have all been working so hard channeling our light, now that the light is here without us as channels for a bit… we can go into healing mode. So yep its definately down to all of this xx


  2. On the 24th I hsd an aura reasing. It was so special. my aura is Purple. Violet. Indigo Blue with tinges of pink. A huge white Arc goes accross between my Crown chakra and my higher chskras. was told this is protection for me. was told I had opened a doorway to a sacred place which would reveal many secrets of the Univers and much more. What a very special day.


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