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Emotional symptoms at this stage of the ascension

The ascension process is upon us, there is a new energy frequency on the planet and we are all being pushed into healing and releasing unwanted emotions and energies. During this process your energy frequencies will begin to change and you will start to feel lots of emotional symptoms.
This is very prominent at this point of time due to the portal of light being opened and mother earth begins her healing process.

The Divine energy portal of peace and love


So as Mother earth begins healing so are we. With healing there will always be times where we are uncomfortable, traumatic emotions will be coming to the surface, not only from this life time but from previous lifetimes also.

Although we are all healing, this can be for some a very difficult time indeed.

As lightworkers, earth angels, crystals, empaths etc and just divine beings that you are, you have often put yourself into situations where you are sacrificing your soul for others, you will always put others before yourself. I know many lightworkers who have been put into very traumatic situations indeed. As hard as it may seem this was all part of the plan, but the good news is that the healing process has started.

Because of this trauma that you have been placed in, your energy has been effected, and like with any type of healing, when it does take place it can be painful and uncomfortable as those traumatic emotions are brought to the surface.

You are peeling back the layers of yourself until you find the true, pure divine being that you are. The ascension process is about us finding our souls and releasing unwanted negative emotions that are holding us back.

Remember You are exactly where you need to be, you are exactly who you need to be. The strongest people choose the most difficult paths.

You lift people up with your light, your soul has chosen to leave its imprint with people you meet and places you go, The more darker the situation the more your light will leave an imprint. Effectively we sacrifice ourselves in order to leave an energy imprint in the darkest of places. Everywhere you go, everyone we meet is divinely co-ordinated. Then as your energy awakens and your soul ignites, this acts like a magnet to the soul fragments that you have left in those dark places. When these light up…. You leave a mass of light behind.

Your one soul can help so many people by you awakening.

Soul Codes

As lightworkers the negative emotions we hold onto are… Guilt, anger, regret, shame, anxiety, fear.

These emotions are often extra strong simply because you are a good person and you care. If you weren’t a good person, you wouldnt have those feelings.

The basic ways of dealing with these emotions are the following…

  • be kind to yourself
  • Know that you are a divine being and deserve absolute soul happiness
  • Have gratitude for every experience in your life… even the hard times. They have made you who you are
  • See everything as lessons. We are here to learn, and help those around us.
  • Remember that you were chosen for your strength. Never lose hope
  • These emotions that are coming to the surface mean that you are healing. There is no way back now, only forwards.
  • Look after your energy and know that you are here on a mission and you are always looked after. The planet needs your light, You are exactly where you need to be.
  • Tell yourself everyday just how amazing you are and that you are a divine being.

There will be times when these feelings of emotion are overwhelming. But know that you are not alone and reach out to as many other lightworkers as you can.

You are perfect the way you are, and now the hard work is over and its time for you to heal and truly shine from within.

For any extra help in these times, please feel free to message me on samanthafourie1@hotmail.co.uk or comment below.

Love, light and peace xxxx


Energy awakening… Light initiation. Unlock you spiritual power

We each hold a divine light within us, We are all divine beings who hold a spiritual power within us. This light initiation is completed distantly and will shift your conscious awareness into a new state of spiritual awareness, igniting the light within your soul so that you understand exactly who you are.



Soul activation

The awakening consciousness is a very individual journey. This is all about awakening the soul and shifting your consciousness to be in line with your true divine self. Each session is completely tailored to you and your individual aim. During this hour session we will connect with your soul, work on clearing any energy implants or old energy programming and this will in turn open you up to a new energy frequency. When this happens you will start to feel that divine connection to who you truly are. These sessions can be completed both one to one or distantly as we are working with the universal energy that your soul is connected to.