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How Loving yourself is so important.

We are all spiritual divine beings. Some more sensitive than others. However each and every one of us has a purpose here within this earth. No-one is perfect, we each have different challenges to overcome, different traumas to work through, yet we each have the same challenge ahead of us…. To find out spiritually who we really are and to truly truly love ourselves and those around us. No Judgements, no hate, no anger. Just love for ourselves, our surroundings and the people around us.

Life is tough. Every challenge given to us is only given to test how strong we really are. Life sometimes deals us challenge after challenge, but the test for us as human beings is to rise above the trauma and to turn a negative into a positive. If life was easy we would never learn. If we didn’t make mistakes we would never learn. Life is a lesson and a test. A test of soul strength and seeing how we can rise from the ashes when everything around us seems to be falling apart.

We each have the divine light within us to not only send sparks, but to ignite our souls to such a strength that we not only light the way for ourselves but for those around us.

But how? how do I find myself? how do I overcome the challenges that I face and come out stronger?

We live in a world where we are programmed that we are not good enough. In child hood many are brought up to believe that we should be seen and not heard, that we are only young so why should we have a voice? At school if we don’t conform to how they want to teach us we are not good enough. In society if we don’t have money, status, power etc we are a failure! Ask yourself this…. Why? who creates this programming, who says that you aren’t good enough? who says that we should judge ourselves by status, money etc?

Forget all of that….. The only one who is worthy of judging is yourself. Chuck everything else aside and go within the very core of your soul and start to treat yourself with the respect and love that you deserve.

Speak to your soul as if your its best friend, you wouldn’t tell your friend they were useless? you wouldn’t tell your friend they would never love and that they were not good enough so why tell yourself that?.

Start every day by telling yourself just how amazing you are, tell yourself that you are so strong that you can overcome any challenge. Remember you cannot truly love anyone around you to their fullest potential until you have truly loved yourself to your fullest potential. What’s the point of shining a light that only burns half bright?

You must shine from within.

No-one can teach you how to love yourself more than you can teach yourself. No-one knows your challenges, no one knows your pain. Set yourself the challenge today of truly loving yourself for you who are…. A perfect, divine source of light who deserves to feel such love in their heart that they can shine so bright that everyone else can benefit.

Make a gratitude list…

Write down everyday just why you are grateful for being you, write yourself a love letter everyday telling yourself why you are in love with you.

Now immediately you may think wow that’s ego! Love others the way you love yourself and you are working to your fullest potential. You don’t need to shout about how amazing you are, to others you stay humble and show only love. But your love for others comes from within, Love yourself and that love will be infectious, When we live in a state of love there is no pain, no anger, no hate. This is achievable, but it takes work, allow yourself time to heal, allow yourself freedom of judgement on yourself as you work through past traumas, forgive yourself and others.

Be aware of low vibrational emotions that can cause trauma. and replace them with the opposite.

Hate… Replace with love

Anger… Replace with forgiveness

Jealousy… Replace with gratitude and love

Fear…. Replace with confidence in yourself.

This may seem ridiculously hard sometimes to do, but remember that life is a test. The more strength we show during these testing times and use love to overcome every barrier, the quicker we become the best possible version of ourselves.

Soul activation

The awakening consciousness is a very individual journey. This is all about awakening the soul and shifting your consciousness to be in line with your true divine self. Each session is completely tailored to you and your individual aim. During this hour session we will connect with your soul, work on clearing any energy implants or old energy programming and this will in turn open you up to a new energy frequency. When this happens you will start to feel that divine connection to who you truly are. These sessions can be completed both one to one or distantly as we are working with the universal energy that your soul is connected to.




Shining from your soul meditation. samanthafourie.com


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