spiritual development

How to test if something is from source

The planet is at a pivotal point between love and hate, control and lower vibrational energies are stepping up the game to stop people from awakening. The awakening is finding the love and light of source within your heart and soul.

There is no right or wrong way to awaken your soul, if your soul is filled with love and joy then you are awakening the source within you.

As more people become awakened there are more and more fear based information being released. If something brings fear then it is not from source and is incorrect.

No true guidance from source will bring you fear, it will only bring love and allow you to be free in your soul. Love brings freedom of the heart, heals any pain and lifts your energy, love is source, harness the source within you and you will have love.

We are each from divine source, we are each divine love, to find this source within you the only place you can look is within you. We are all perfect, we are all divine, we all need to ignite the source within us and follow our own truth.

Follow your own source, your own love, your own truth, question things, how does it make you feel? Is it led by fear, control? Or is it led with love?

Trust your soul, trust yourself and follow your truth.

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