spiritual development

Releasing negative energies within ourselves

We are currently in a state of consciousness where we are all being forced to let go of deep seated negative emotions in order for us to be fully embodied in the light.

We have seen huge amounts of light being poured into humanity and souls are lighting up all over the planet, but with all of this light it is highlighting deep seated negative emotions that need to be released in order for us to move forward.

For some this will be uncomfortable and painful as deep seated emotions will be coming to the surface. You may experience dark, vivid dreams as your soul begins to shed all darkness. Do not be afraid of the dark, negative thoughts. Remember you are light and you can overcome anything with light.

Light will always win. Dark has to attach to something to survive whereas light naturally flows and has to keep moving.

The light flowing through our mass consciousness is unstoppable but as this flows it fills every inch of your being, every trauma of our past, every low vibrational mass of emotion that is deep seated within us will be lifted off of us. Like a wave of cleansing this light is lifting all fragments of darkness within you. For many you may be feeling extreme dark emotions, anxiety, dark dreams and fear. Its important to realise that this is not who you are, accept these feelings but ask for the light to release them.

You are a powerful being of light, you have the power within you to direct love and light anywhere that you wish. Notice the emotions that are arising and command the light within you to rise.

If you can take time to close your eyes and imagine light. Imagine golden light coming in from beneath you and you draw it in with every breathe. Now ask the light within you to be taken to wherever it needs to go.

Now focus up into the heart and allow the light to fill your heart, now ask the love and light to fill your being and release all that no longer serves you. The light is attached to your soul. When your soul asks for the light then it will immediately surround you.

Say to yourself… I am strong, I am love, I am light, I release all that no longer serves me.

Remember everything is progress, we must go through the dark to come into the light.

We must let go and cleanse our shadow selves before moving forward into light. Allow the emotions to be released, accept them and let them go. They are no longer who you are.

Love, light and peace xxxx

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