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Message of light.. gratitude

Gratitude is the power to love, it changes our frequency, it lifts us, gives us strength and expands our minds.

Today is new day, today is the day you can change your perspective. Today is a day to feel gratitude, today is a day to love yourself, today is a day to awaken the love within you.

Today is a day where you can create who you want to be. Today is a day you can change everything.

Take time to be kind to yourself. Take time for gratitude. Gratitude can change everything. Gratitude is the frequency of love, love is the highest frequency of all. Make time for having gratitude for everything around you, within you and have gratitude for yourself.

For many we can give and give, and take very little time to appreciate ourselves. Have gratitude for yourself like you would your best friend.

It’s easy to tell others how amazing they are…. but to tell yourself? For many that is the hardest thing of all. For many we have been programmed to feel bad about ourselves… society often tells us we are not good enough, we haven’t got enough, we are not living up to standard etc, this is all programming. Reset the programme and we reset ourselves.

So start with gratitude, have gratitude for yourself, for everything you have, for everything you have experienced. Have gratitude for the changes you are about to make, for the love around you.

Tell yourself.. you can do it, you are powerful, you have gratitude for everything, you are love, you are light and you are living in a reality of love.

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