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Energy implants and etheric energy hooks

So the awakening is well and truly under way, there is an energy war going on between light and dark and energy implants and etheric energy hooks are being used to keep humanity under control.

However good news is all of these can be overcome AND you can be in an energetic state whereby these implants can be longer be placed on you.

So what are they?….

Energy implants and hooks can be placed either physically within our physical vessel or they can be within our subtle energy field. They are energy weapons that are used by the outer dark sources looking to control human kind. They can be placed within our energy field and can be switched on or off by electro magnetic forces around us. This gives means we can be controlled on mass to become sick or behave in certain ways at certain times.

Either way they are like coils of energy that are made up of dark matter. As we all know dark matter attracts dark matter. So by implanting us with dark matter, when they send out waves of lower frequencies by electro magnetic force it will immediately attach to the implants, eventually accumulating until we become depressed or sick. Once we are in this low state more and more dark matter attach and we eventually feel like we are in a hole that we cannot get out of. Anyone can receive an energy implant at anytime as they are being sent into the atmosphere around us at an astounding rate.

How to spot these energy implants and hooks?

The main symptoms of these energy hooks are as follows…

– Sudden feeling of nausea


– burning and itching skin

– feeling anxious or uneasy

– fluctuating moods

– some may even feel the implant physically in them or around them

These implants can always be removed so there is nothing to worry about, but one thing to be aware of is that they can be triggered and stimulated by frequencies around us such as electro magnetic fields, such as 5g, internet frequencies etc.

So how are they removed? They can be extracted by a trained energy healer who will work with your light team (spirit guide, Angel’s etc) to extract the implant and then restore your flow of energy. Removing only needs to take approximately 20 minutes and can be done distantly. If you have already completed your own energy work you may well be able to remove them yourself.

How to scan yourself for energy implants…

Being aware of your own energy is key. Yes there are symptoms, but there are also ways on how to tell if you have an energy implant or if you have had one try and attach.

Meditating is key. If you can take time each day to still your mind and focus on your own energy. You can literally scan your whole energy system from the inside out by moving your mind through your own aura and physical body. Notice how each area you focus on feels, can you see or feel light flowing through the area or does it look or feel stuck, dark or like a blockage?

What do they look like?

Physical implants can look like embedded coils of energy like coiled up wires of black energy. They may be inserted deep within our energy system and depending on how long they have been there may need a couple of attempts at removing them.

For most you may only feel them rather than see them, however as your third eye and spiritual self begins to open up you may well start to see them in yourself and others.

Implants within the aura can often look like small coils or hooks of dark matter which can then expand out into strands of energy that can eventually attach into the physical being. These can also create tears in the aura where they have been inserted. These tears can often go unnoticed and can become bigger as time goes on.

Looking after your own energy is vital in keeping these implants at bay and being aware is key of how your energy feels and when it feels like it is being manipulated, as well as when our energies are vulnerable to outside entities.

Why now?

Energy and etheric implants have always been used however now the dark side of this energy war are stepping up their game. Energy implants are being used across the whole of humanity for the simple purpose of control and keeping us all under a certain frequency.

The awakening is in full force and the whole of human kinds energy is expanding, we have no control over the fact that the planet is awakening and at times it will feel very uncomfortable. As our energy shifts in line with the new planetary frequency we will start to release old traumas, stuck energy, dark matter that has been embedded within us. We are all experiencing healing whether we like it or not. With regards to energy implants we must remember that dark matter attaches to dark matter so no matter where we are in our healing processes we are still at risk of receiving implants, as we are releasing our dark matter within ourselves, the wave of energy implants being sent out can still attach.

Ultimately the more inner healing we do on ourselves the more light energy is able to flow through us, this means less dark matter for implants to attach to.

To book an energy healing session plus energy implant removal for £30 email me on samanthafourieangeltherapy@gmail.com or message me on 07394506259

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