spiritual development

Trust in your path

As a lightworker you are of service to the light. You have been given a gift of helping humanity awaken and mother earth ascend, but with this comes great sacrifice and challenges. You absorb and transmute energies and are sent to where you are needed. Let go of the need of control over where you go and what you do and focus on being. Focus on being in the moment, in the present and trust in the process. Sometimes our biggest challenges are all divinely planned. Your light is simply sent to wherever it needs to be. In return you are divinely protected and guided on everything that you do. Accept you are of service to the light and when in your power your light will be guided to wherever it needs to be.

As lightworkers your life, your soul is dedicated to awakening humanity, let yourself be guided, sometimes things get taken out of your control and all we can do is trust, trust in ourselves, trust in the purpose and trust on the outcome. Often the plan they have for you is way bigger and more important than our own plans. Trusting in the purpose is all we can do

Remember how powerful you are, remember you are the light. Trust in the process.

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