spiritual development

Gift of discernment

The gift of discernment is one of the first gifts that we recieve as our souls become awakened to the source within us.

So what is this gift? It’s the gift of being able to discern from good energy to bad energy.

The beginnings of this gift would be the following…

– You would sense when there was good energy around you and bad energy. You would have a feeling in your soul if something is right or not. It would be an instinct, a gut feeling that someone or something had good energy/feeling about it.

– As this gift increases and our senses become awakened to the different energies around us this will then begin to expand and we will immediately begin to naturally follow our intuition and we can tell is someone is lieing, telling the truth etc. This will become natural to us and we will naturally be picking up on the truth in people. (Rainbow and crystal children are already natural at this skill)

– For some this gift may even stretch to being able to then physically see dark matter and light matter. This will normally occur during healing sessions where by you will begin to see a person’s aura and you will see dark matter as sticky dark energy attached to an aura. When this happens you will start to see that you have the gift of advanced discernment of energy.

– For some your gift may also develop into advanced discernment of spirit, this is when you will be seeing and feeling spirit around you and you can sense if it is from the light or from the dark. For many we often feel if there is a dark entity around us as we wi begin to feel uneasy, nauseous, uncomfortable and a feeling of dark spirit around you.

You may even see the spirit as a dark shadow, a dark being, or for some with the most advanced skill you may even see them as demonic beings, for those who are seeing these kinds of things you have a very special gift and to find out more about how to work with this gift please message direct and I can help to work directly with your gift and how to control and enhance it.

The gift of discernment is a powerful tool and you should feel privileged that your soul is guiding you to use it.

Love and light Sam xxxx

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