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Planetary alignment! The final activation!!!! Our chakra points are activation codes for planetary alignment


So I just thought I would share a vision I was given yesterday as I was writing. It’s super exciting for anyone working in the light!

At the end of october this year we will see for the first time ever the perfect alignment of planets in our solar system. But what does this signify spiritually?

Our planet has been in a long process of healing and ascending into a new state of consciousness. Last year particularly saw a huge shift in awakening within humanity.

But yet we have still struggled with our energies and felt like being in a tumble dryer of energy, ups and downs and madness in the world!

Good news is this is all about to come to an end.

As we all know we are energy beings all uniquely connected with our universal divine father source energy. We live in the most beautiful planet mother gaia and we are all uniquely blue printed with energy activation points…. our chakra system.

Our chakra systems are energy activation points that are imprinted with energy from our origins from the universe. Our planetary code!

When the planets align at the end of the month all of humanity’s unique blue prints/DNA (which we have until now thought of as being chakra systems) will be activated and we will all be completely reconnected with our planetary origins.

So how does this play out in the war between light and dark?

When these planets align and all of our unique DNA imprints are aligned we will be fully activated in light, reconnected with our origins of light…. this means the same for those controlling our planet working within the dark. Any being not connected with light will not survive. (This means their soul will not return it’s impossible to) it also means any means of energy control that they are using will not work either. It will all not survive as the DNA of humanity will be untouchable!

So peeps… when we see these planets align… we are stepping into new world. Its over… the light has won!!! And we will each be uniquely reconnected with our place in the universe system.


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