Rainbow Earth Wellbeing and Soul Sanctuary.

In Association with Samantha Ashua Energy healing.

Start your journey to spiritual empowerment.


Divine Angel light Reading and guidance.

Connect with the divine light of your Angel’s, recieve an indepth angel guidance reading and immerse yourself in the love of the Angel’s.


Divine Angelic light distance healing

Allow the light and love of the Angel’s surround you and fill your energy. Immerse yourself in beautiful Golden healing light during this powerful healing treatment. This is completed distantly as it allows the light to flow through the universal energy systems


Connect with your Angel’s mentorship programme

This totally unique mentorship programme offers you the opportunity of one to one tailored mentorship to open up your spiritual gifts and guide you in awakening to your spiritual power. During this mentorship Samantha works with you and your Angel’s to open up your 7 chakra points and guides you on how to connect and work with your Angel’s. It includes 7 energy attunements to the Angel’s around you and with each attunement you become more spiritually aware.


Soul alignment and healing

This is a powerful energetic healing treatment that is completed distantly. During this treatment Samantha works with her light team and yours to connect with the layers of your soul. On each energy point of your soul trauma and any energy blockages are released and replaced with light. As each energy point is rebalanced your soul then realigns with the natural energy of the universe leaving you completely rebalanced and re energised. Each treatment consists of 2 distance healings of 30mins.


Soul Healing and past life reading

During this powerful treatment and reading Samantha connects with your soul energy and channels in light from the universal realms. She then connects with your soul on past timelines to Heal and remove any trauma that is still connected with you in past life. Any trauma or soul connections not needed in this lifetime are then removed and released by her light team and all is relayed back to you after treatment. This is completed distantly.


Complete Spiritual empowerment mentorship programme

Step into your spiritual power. We are each divine spiritual beings, each with very unique gifts to be shared with the earth and humanity. During this empowerment programme you work one to one with Samantha. It includes 7 energy awakening attunements where each spiritual gift is opened up. You are then guided on how to use each gift. You will learn how to work with energy, how to see and work with energy. How to hear and communicate with your light team and how to send love and light distantly to friends and family.


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