A spiritual awakening, moving through the dimensions.

I wanted to share my understanding of my own energy ascension in order to help others who may be experiencing similar things. But remember everyones journey is different so no two energy shifts are the same.

So why the energy shift? Our higher selves are continually guiding us as humans to connect with the universal source around us. We are energy beings but are placed here on earth as physical forms.

We are here to learn lessons, to share love with others and whether we like it or not we are all connected.

If you are reading this then you very much are being guided in a certain way.

Everyone has a divine source within us. As our energy system opens up we become more and more connected with the energy of the universe. You may not be religious but ultimately the highest source of energy that you will be working with is God. God is the ultimate source of love and light.

Once connected with this source you are at one with the light. You feel the peace of God in your heart and you are divinely guided in everything you do. There is no ego, no spiritial warfare, infact you move past the spiritual pull of light and dark when you reach full ascension.. or otherwise known as the 5th dimension as you feel nothing but love and light within you. Your energy is so in tune with the light that the darkness cannot harm you anymore. Yes you still have to live here on earth, you still have challenges, but when your energy is connected to God you see things differently. God has always been with you, but now your heart is fully connected to that energy and Gods light now shines through your whole being.

So what happens when your energy shifts? Your soul is connected to your higher self. Your higher self is connected to the universal light, the universal light all ultimately filters into the one main source of love and light…. God.

Everyone has a guardian angel. Your guardian angel is with you throughout your lifetime, was with you before your incarnation to earth. Your guardian angel is connected to your soul.

The world is at a turning point. spiritual warfare of darkness and light is at a turning point and it is quite litetally like the prophecy says.. its the end of the world as we know it. Peoples souls are being stirred, they are searching for more, our senses are being awakened to feel there is so much more to this planet. To humanity. The need to help others is great. Your guardian angel knows this and they understand the planetary shifts that are happening.

So your guardian angel who is connected to your soul is guiding you through these feelings. These feelings of purpose and the need for understanding is being divinely guided by your angels.

This is the beginning of your journey.

As your energy changes you start to feel things around you, you may be guided to finding out more about your angels, You just KNOW there is more out there.

As you feel the need to find out more your guardian angel will begin to guide you into a certain direction, they want you to learn and connect with them, they want to open up your energy field so that they can communicate with you and through you. They begin to open up your inner light. This isnt something just Gurus can do. The inner light and highest connection is for everyone to achieve and connect to!

Moving your energy from the 3rd Dimension into the 4th.

When we talk about dimensions we are talking about the layering of energy thats around you.

The first process is all about being able to clear your energy field. The Angels want to connect with you, they want to guide you. They want you to know you are not alone and they want you to feel the unconditional love within you.

When we incarnate into this earth plane not only do we bring energy attachments from previous lifetimes but we also have to deal with energies from this lifetime to. But the amazing thing is you are here at the beginning of the most amazing journey.

Energy attachments can cause a clog in our energy field. These clogs can cause us to be disconnected, feeling depressed, lost and a lack of hope. As your energy field becomes clogged up this can attract more unwanted energies. By having a huge clear out you will immediately feel lighter, brighter and more connected to source. You are able to clear your energies by having a healing treatment or using clearing meditations. However energy healing treatments can be a quicker way of clearing your energies.

Once your energy begins to shift you may begin to start to feel things differently, you may begin to pick up other peoples feelings, you may walk into a room and immediately pick up on the atmosphere of a place. You may start to feel exhausted by being around certain people as you are picking up on the energies around you. Your energy is now beginning to open and you are picking up on all of the energies around you.

However now that your energies are open you may begin to see and feel spirit and angels around you. This can be a huge gift to have and trust that you will be guided to use it wisely xxx

Moving between the 3rd and 4th Dimension.

Many empaths and sensitives are born naturally inbetween the 3rd and 4th dimensions, They are naturally sensitive to all the energies around them. Some children are being born already fully highly sensitive and already in the full 4th dimension/layer of energy.

As your energy begins to open you will start to not only feel the energy of people and atmospheres around you but spirit and energy beings to.

You may begin to feel or see spirit, angels or ascended masters. You will feel yourself working with the spiritual energies around you and all of a sudden you start to see everything from a different perspective.

Learning to work with the angels and spirit you will start to feel your senses changing, you may have lack of sleep as you struggle to switch your mind off. Your body may start to feel like its in a bubble or super sensitive. This is all perfectly normal and just trust that its just the energies shifting.

Take a bit of time to enjoy thesr changes and take time to settle into these new energies.

Moving up in the 4th dimension

Once you’ve worked between the 3rd and 4th energies for a while you will then find yourself moving up further into this layer of energy.

Now that you have mastered working with the angels and guides you will then be guided into the next level which is working with the Archangels.

Now whether you are religious or not, when you start to work with the Angels and Archangels You are infact being guided by God.

The Angels and Archangels are the messengers to God. They are here to help us navigate our work here on earth as well as connect us spiritually.

The Angels lead us energetically to the Archangels, the Archangels guide us to the spiritual council. The spiritual council is headed by Jesus. Jesus is the gateway to the connection to God. God watches over all of us and we are all his children, but now is the time when we are all going to start to gain the knowledge on how we can connect energetically to God. So we can walk this earth with the Love, light and grace of God.

With that in mind, we need to safely be able to navigate our way through the 4th dimension. The reason I say safely is because energetically it can be a tricky place to be.

Your energy is now wide open and you are able to pick up on both light and dark energy. You are able to work with the energy of the angels and spirit however this is now a playground for darker entities to attach themselves to you. This is often a problem for people who are born sensitive and already in the 4th dimension, they haven’t had the growth time to adjust their energies. they are literally thrown into the playground of spiritual warfare, light and dark. Along with having your energies open to attachments you are also dealing with spirit playing tricks on you. You will be experiencing darker entities masquerading as angels or guides and giving you incorrect guidance or hijacking your healing. I infact experienced lots of darker entities attaching themselves to me during healing. This quite literally is a playground for spiritual warfare.

But you must know that you are almost there. The key to knowing whether a spirit or an angel is with the light or dark is to ask them. Ask if they come in the name of Jesus Christ. If they do then they will stay if they don’t then they must leave. Its spiritual law.

You don’t have to be following a religion to do this. But if you are on this path then you are already being guided to working with God and the spiritual council.

You will soon become very good at discerning spirit. Remember that any spiritual being working in the light will leave you feeling warm, comforted and with love in your heart. If you feel anxious, uncomfortable, nauseus or dizzy afterwards then you may have been under spiritual attack. You can see more about this in my spiritual warfare article. But being aware of how you feel is very important.

Moving into the 5th dimension.

Once you have adjusted to the energy of the 4th dimension moving out of this playground of light and dark all depends on you and your intent. There is often a lot of talk about certain spiritual practices being the work of darkness (the devil) this is only the case if the intent is not right. The problem is with the new age practices is they dont allow you to look at the next step in evolution.. being of service to God, they are all about the ‘I Am’ and the ‘Service to Ego’ what they are missing is the understanding that being the light means we are here to serve Gods will and until we are able to move from that we will stay in the playground of light and dark.

To fully move on to the 5th dimesion we must put all ego, material need aside, we must give a spiritual agreement to God that we are at his service. If your soul truly wants to serve the light we must pray that we be of service to him. Nothing more, nothing less. we must put complete faith in what we are here to do and trust that we are just part of his plan.

If you truly want your soul to meet God you must agree to use your gifts for the use of where you are needed. Let all fear go, let all Ego go and remember this is not about status or material wealth but your soul finally remembers the binding contract that you are here to allow your light to be guided to whereever you are needed.

Once you have meditated and prayed on your soul contract as a lightbringer and lightworker (God knows your hearts true feeling and whether Ego has fully been let go of) your energy will be brought to the gate.

The 4th dimension is a blanket of spiritual warfare, and as you reach the gate you will see the keepers of light. They will safely guide you through and your soul will finally be as one with the Lord.

To understand more fully about the keepers of the light I will share my experiences in a separate page in a hope that it will help you understand what is happening energetically to you.

With love, light and peace xxxxx