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Rainbow children, crystal children and star children

Who are the Rainbows?

Rainbow children are here as part of a new world, now that the planet has been shifted into a new rainbow frequency from now on it will only be rainbow children born. There has however already been millions of rainbow children already born to this world and just by them being here hae helped with the ascension of the planet.

These rainbow children have been arriving for the past 20 years, however their arrival has become progressively more within the past 10 years. Their very existence has helped to shift the planet and humanity into a new state of conscious awareness. They are of such high vibrational frequency that they have literally helped to light up the world by their arrival.

The rainbows are such high vibrational beings that they are literally here as pure transmitters of light. And their arrival helped to join the dots of light in the ascension process of the planet.

Characteristics of rainbows…

– Rainbows as babies are extremely calm and peaceful. They literally bring healing to the people around then just by their presence

– They have a calm spiritual knowing within them. They often hold knowledge that others would only ever be able to find in books. They literally have a knowing.

They are extremely sensitive to energy, they seems to transform the energy of a place simply by being there.

– They can always seem to know what you are thinking and can read your mind, they have strong intuitive and psychic skills.

– they often have alot of allergies…. the older rainbows are often struggling with allergies because when they arrived here on earth their bodies were to pure for the physical earth around them. This often caused severe skin allergies and food allergies.

– They have deep knowledge and understanding of this world at a very young age, they have a knowing and sense of serenity in their knowledge and purpose…. They know why they are here.

– They often have all types of spiritual gifts and all seem to be of the same strength. Those spiritual gifts are..


Psychic gifts

Gift of discernment

– Rainbows are often confident, focused, empathic, and very in tune with people and the planet. They often have an aura around them that commands attention but in a positive way. They really do have so much light in them and they seem to know exactly why they are here.

Rainbows are a gift to the world, they’re arrival helped to shift the planets energy field and they are set to change the world.

Crystal children…

Crystal’s have been arriving before the start of the rainbows and still are arriving.

They’re purpose is more to do with being energy transmitters and absorbers.

You have the rainbows who are here to be The light, yet you have the Crystal’s who are here to absorb and transmit the energy of the planet. They arrived before the rainbows to pave the way for the light.

Most Crystal’s were born to other crystal children or indigos to enable them to do their job here on the planet.

Crystal’s are of a slightly different frequency to the rainbows yet are here for a very divine purpose. Wherever they go they absorb and transmit light. They arrived in a slightly lower frequency to the rainbows for the very purpose of shifting the planets frequency to the next phase.

Characteristics of crystal children…

– They have been arriving in the past 25yrs.

– They are extremely sensitive to Energy and seem to absorb energy wherever they go. This can often leave them feeling drained and over emotional as they are continuously absorbing and transmitting energy.

– They struggle being in places where there are lots of people or negative energy

– They can be hyper sensitive and highly emotional beings as they are often absorbing other peoples energies around them. This can often cause them to struggle at school etc

– They often have the following gifts however one may surpass another..

– Gift of discernment

– Healing

– Seeing spirit and energies

– Naturally intune with energy around them and are naturally drawn to mother earth and Crystal’s.

Crystals are amazing children who have helped to shift the planets ascension into the next level.

Star children…

Star children have been arriving for generations, yet for many they are only awakening now as to who they are. Star children will keep on incarnating here on earth until the end of time, they are here to create a new world and they will forever be on this planet assisting with her progression.

Star children are exactly that. They are energetic beings who have chosen to incarnate on this planet but originate from the star systems and galactic families.

Characteristics of star children…

There are so many different types of star children here as there are so many incarnated from different parts of the star system. However star children will have these regular characteristics….

– They will be extremely assertive when it comes to energies around them

– They will have a deep foundation of knowledge about the universe and how we are all connected, this will often be with them not understanding where this knowledge comes from but it’s just there within them.

– They will often be very wise for their years, like they have hidden knowledge within them, They will be calm, knowledgeable and a peaceful way about them

– They will often feel that they are from somewhere else, they may feel uneasy or like they dont fit in. This is only until they begin to understand you they are.

– They will have a natural affiliation to the stars and the universe around them.

Star children are amazing etheric beings who have chosen to arrive on this planet to bring knowledge and information to humanity.

As you can see the plaber is moving quickly into some very exciting times and we have alot to look forward to.

spiritual development

Gift of discernment

The gift of discernment is one of the first gifts that we recieve as our souls become awakened to the source within us.

So what is this gift? It’s the gift of being able to discern from good energy to bad energy.

The beginnings of this gift would be the following…

– You would sense when there was good energy around you and bad energy. You would have a feeling in your soul if something is right or not. It would be an instinct, a gut feeling that someone or something had good energy/feeling about it.

– As this gift increases and our senses become awakened to the different energies around us this will then begin to expand and we will immediately begin to naturally follow our intuition and we can tell is someone is lieing, telling the truth etc. This will become natural to us and we will naturally be picking up on the truth in people. (Rainbow and crystal children are already natural at this skill)

– For some this gift may even stretch to being able to then physically see dark matter and light matter. This will normally occur during healing sessions where by you will begin to see a person’s aura and you will see dark matter as sticky dark energy attached to an aura. When this happens you will start to see that you have the gift of advanced discernment of energy.

– For some your gift may also develop into advanced discernment of spirit, this is when you will be seeing and feeling spirit around you and you can sense if it is from the light or from the dark. For many we often feel if there is a dark entity around us as we wi begin to feel uneasy, nauseous, uncomfortable and a feeling of dark spirit around you.

You may even see the spirit as a dark shadow, a dark being, or for some with the most advanced skill you may even see them as demonic beings, for those who are seeing these kinds of things you have a very special gift and to find out more about how to work with this gift please message direct and I can help to work directly with your gift and how to control and enhance it.

The gift of discernment is a powerful tool and you should feel privileged that your soul is guiding you to use it.

Love and light Sam xxxx

spiritual development

Your soul is stirring…. channelled message from source

So your soul is stirring, its calling you. You hear it whisper to you that you are more than what you believe, you are more than what you have known. Now is the time to honor your calling. answer it. We are each here on a very unique path, we cannot escape it, we cannot change it. No matter who we are or what your journey brings, you are on a path to the light. Those who cannot embrace their journey to the light will be eternally battling within themselves. Accept your path as one that is already planned. You are being led into a new world, embrace the journey, embrace your inner battles and allow the light to cleanse your soul. You are more than a physical being, you are more than what you believe that you are.

Accept yourself as every flaw, every battle, every scar. You are being guided into a new you. Every part of you has battled along this path of light, embrace it, embrace yourself and allow the light to lead the way.

You are exactly where you need to be.

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Trust in your path

As a lightworker you are of service to the light. You have been given a gift of helping humanity awaken and mother earth ascend, but with this comes great sacrifice and challenges. You absorb and transmute energies and are sent to where you are needed. Let go of the need of control over where you go and what you do and focus on being. Focus on being in the moment, in the present and trust in the process. Sometimes our biggest challenges are all divinely planned. Your light is simply sent to wherever it needs to be. In return you are divinely protected and guided on everything that you do. Accept you are of service to the light and when in your power your light will be guided to wherever it needs to be.

As lightworkers your life, your soul is dedicated to awakening humanity, let yourself be guided, sometimes things get taken out of your control and all we can do is trust, trust in ourselves, trust in the purpose and trust on the outcome. Often the plan they have for you is way bigger and more important than our own plans. Trusting in the purpose is all we can do

Remember how powerful you are, remember you are the light. Trust in the process.

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Why the light will win… where we are in the awakening

So for many you may have heard that we are in the awakening. For most the awakening has only just started, but for mother earth the awakening has already taken place and is in the final battle for humanity.

So here is what has happened so far along the pathway to freedom.

Mother earth has until now been under the control of darker energy forces, she has been mined for monotonic gold and we as humanity have been enslaved by a system that we are only just beginning to comprehend.

Although the process of awakening has been happening over a long period of time we have been kickstarted into one of the most influential important times in the worlds history.

So since 2012 the shift started happening however it was about 2017 when things really started to speed up and were of upmost importance.

So since 2017 we have seen the following happening within the spiritual realms…

So until the awakening the planet was surrounded by a layer of energy like a mirror/smoke screen a veil of darkness.

This veil of darkness I saw was lifted up about 2 years ago. This veil could only be lifted when there was enough light here on the earth.

Once this veil lifted there was an army of light beings arrive. And I mean thousands, they all arrived within the spiritual realms to help with this process. When they arrived they caused a mass shift in the planets frequency and mother earth was filled with light. When she was filled with light there was mass trauma lifted from her veins and the light team who had arrived helped to clear it up and disperse the dark matter into light.

Crystalline grids aligned…

Once mother earths trauma had been lifted the crystalline grids all connected and formed a mass of light within her core. This was the first major stage of planet earths energy shift.

Christ consciousness replaced the veil of darkness around the planet….. this happened around October 2019 there was a new energy portal opened through the spiritual realms into mother earths atmosphere. This was a christ light/source energy that wrapped mother earth in the most beautiful, powerful blue of Archangel Michael, white and pink light of source energy. This was the first time ever that this amount of source energy could surround mother earth. It was the union of divine masculine and divine feminine energies combining. The perfect union between mother earth energy and father source energy.

The fight between placement of mother earth…

With all of these mass energy changes and the take over of light over dark on mother earth this caused an all out war within the spiritual realms over who controls mother earth. The dark forces were pulling out all of the stops and trying to regain control over the frequency of mother earth. Dark forces had created a black hole within the earth and were using mass dark matter to try and pull mother earth back down into a lower frequency to keep control. However the light was too strong and that light was used to close up the black hole. When this happened mother earth hopped forward in energy frequency and was safely reconnected with the higher frequency of the universe.

Complete Alignment of mother earth…

Once the black hole had been closed and mother earth was free she was then jolted into a new frequency of light. This was around January of this year 2020. I saw energy being brought from all directions of the universe right through to her core, it was the final clearance of trauma within her caused by mankind. Once this trauma had been lifted mother earths frequency was so high she no longer was being controlled by darker forces. She was set free.

Now for humanities turn….

So as you can see, so much has been achieved and mother earth has been set free. Now it’s a scramble for control over the only energy that is left to fight over…. humanity.

The awakening of humanity is now on full force, its unstoppable. We as humans are connected with mother earth, as her frequency changes so does ours. We are quickly moving through to a state of consciousness that is only love. It is pure love and light. The only dark matter left to clear is that of human kind. It’s a fight for our souls. This new energy is lifting the darkness within each of us. Our souls are moving into light and all of our trauma and dark matter within ourselves is being lifted. For some this is truly uncomfortable but it must be cleared. It’s hard and painful to feel the dark within you, but you must go through it. You must feel the dark within you and work through it with love. Your soul must let go of control, of ego, of anger, of pain and focus on love, love no matter what, love every part of you, love unconditionally, there is no power, no ego, no hierarchy only love.

Love is light and love must flow.

Hatred, pain, ego, jealousy and fear are all dark energy. Dark energy attracts dark matter, dark matter is the only frequency that keeps us within the matrix and the control of dark forces.

Darkness cannot expand it can only attach.

We are quickly moving into a new consciousness of light, light is love. It constantly moves, expands and flows. It has the power to break all darkness.

Never forget the light always wins