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The power is within you. Find your inner hero.

For many lightworkers and earth angels we are experiencing some of the darkest times of our lives. At the moment many are going through a large amount of psychic attack and emotional pain caused by hate around them and people trying to stop them on their path. For many lightworkers/earth angels we have always been the type of people who if someone asks how are you….. We reply ‘im great, how are you?’ Then prefer to focus on them than us. This is our way of coping.

However behind the strength we can sometimes feel like we are drowning in sadness. We can have days where we feel like the hate around us is burying us and slowly dragging us into abyss. It’s during this darkness that we begin to realise there is no-one to pull you out except that forgotten hero within yourself. That forgotten flame at the bottom of your soul that has been quietly flickering away for this very moment. The hero moment. That flame that is ready to ignite the fire within you and you begin to emerge like a phoenix and step through the fire into the full power that you are.

For many earth angels/lightworkers we are all going through very similar things in our lives at the moment. (I use these terms loosely, anyone with love and kindness in their heart is a lightworker/earth angel) and it seems that we have many around us trying to bring us down and stop our path. Now is the time to find the hero within you. The strongest power we have is within ourselves. Our soul is divine, we are all that we need. Focus on feeling the very depths of within you and imagine the root of your soul burning bright, with every breath you see the light within you getting stronger, you move your mind up to the heart chakra and you feel your heart open with love for yourself, try doing this whilst reading every word. Remember the The love you have for yourself in your heart is powerful and it radiates out around you, imagine a bubble of love around whilst reading these words. This love you have in your heart is so powerful it surrounds your whole being and radiates around you shielding you from darkness. With this love burning from within you, you feel your soul expanding and reaching upwards,(imagine that now) your soul is that deep seated light that you had forgotten, you imagine that light shining from the seat of your stomach moving up through the heart chakra, up through the top of the head and as high as you can see above you. As the light of your soul hits the divine love of the universe you feel that love and light flowing into your whole being, just by thinking of that universal light flowing through you you are bringing it into your being. As this energy from source flows through you the love in your heart expands even further, that love connects with more universal love from mother earth and all those around you awakened to source. (Source energy is everywhere and every soul has the power to connect with it) you begin to feel that love getting stronger and stronger around you. As you feel your soul getting stronger your being begins to feel lifted, you feel lighter and your heart full of love, you feel so light and full of love that your being feels like it’s being lifted, it’s being lifted from darkness and into pure love, pure love, unconditional love. With every breath you feel stronger and your energy lighter, you begin to feel the energy of your soul slightly above your physical self, like your floating in pure love and light.

Remember words and thoughts are powerful, every thought and word holds a vibration, take time to read these words over and over to yourself….

” I am love, I am light”

“I am strong”

“I’m exactly who I need to be”

“I have the power of the divine within me”

If you still feel a cloud of negative energy around you, repeat the following….

“Yeshua, Yeshua, Yeshua”

The name Yeshua is divine love, the very name brings love and light.

spiritual development

How to test if something is from source

The planet is at a pivotal point between love and hate, control and lower vibrational energies are stepping up the game to stop people from awakening. The awakening is finding the love and light of source within your heart and soul.

There is no right or wrong way to awaken your soul, if your soul is filled with love and joy then you are awakening the source within you.

As more people become awakened there are more and more fear based information being released. If something brings fear then it is not from source and is incorrect.

No true guidance from source will bring you fear, it will only bring love and allow you to be free in your soul. Love brings freedom of the heart, heals any pain and lifts your energy, love is source, harness the source within you and you will have love.

We are each from divine source, we are each divine love, to find this source within you the only place you can look is within you. We are all perfect, we are all divine, we all need to ignite the source within us and follow our own truth.

Follow your own source, your own love, your own truth, question things, how does it make you feel? Is it led by fear, control? Or is it led with love?

Trust your soul, trust yourself and follow your truth.

spiritual development

How Loving yourself is so important.

We are all spiritual divine beings. Some more sensitive than others. However each and every one of us has a purpose here within this earth. No-one is perfect, we each have different challenges to overcome, different traumas to work through, yet we each have the same challenge ahead of us…. To find out spiritually who we really are and to truly truly love ourselves and those around us. No Judgements, no hate, no anger. Just love for ourselves, our surroundings and the people around us.

Life is tough. Every challenge given to us is only given to test how strong we really are. Life sometimes deals us challenge after challenge, but the test for us as human beings is to rise above the trauma and to turn a negative into a positive. If life was easy we would never learn. If we didn’t make mistakes we would never learn. Life is a lesson and a test. A test of soul strength and seeing how we can rise from the ashes when everything around us seems to be falling apart.

We each have the divine light within us to not only send sparks, but to ignite our souls to such a strength that we not only light the way for ourselves but for those around us.

But how? how do I find myself? how do I overcome the challenges that I face and come out stronger?

We live in a world where we are programmed that we are not good enough. In child hood many are brought up to believe that we should be seen and not heard, that we are only young so why should we have a voice? At school if we don’t conform to how they want to teach us we are not good enough. In society if we don’t have money, status, power etc we are a failure! Ask yourself this…. Why? who creates this programming, who says that you aren’t good enough? who says that we should judge ourselves by status, money etc?

Forget all of that….. The only one who is worthy of judging is yourself. Chuck everything else aside and go within the very core of your soul and start to treat yourself with the respect and love that you deserve.

Speak to your soul as if your its best friend, you wouldn’t tell your friend they were useless? you wouldn’t tell your friend they would never love and that they were not good enough so why tell yourself that?.

Start every day by telling yourself just how amazing you are, tell yourself that you are so strong that you can overcome any challenge. Remember you cannot truly love anyone around you to their fullest potential until you have truly loved yourself to your fullest potential. What’s the point of shining a light that only burns half bright?

You must shine from within.

No-one can teach you how to love yourself more than you can teach yourself. No-one knows your challenges, no one knows your pain. Set yourself the challenge today of truly loving yourself for you who are…. A perfect, divine source of light who deserves to feel such love in their heart that they can shine so bright that everyone else can benefit.

Make a gratitude list…

Write down everyday just why you are grateful for being you, write yourself a love letter everyday telling yourself why you are in love with you.

Now immediately you may think wow that’s ego! Love others the way you love yourself and you are working to your fullest potential. You don’t need to shout about how amazing you are, to others you stay humble and show only love. But your love for others comes from within, Love yourself and that love will be infectious, When we live in a state of love there is no pain, no anger, no hate. This is achievable, but it takes work, allow yourself time to heal, allow yourself freedom of judgement on yourself as you work through past traumas, forgive yourself and others.

Be aware of low vibrational emotions that can cause trauma. and replace them with the opposite.

Hate… Replace with love

Anger… Replace with forgiveness

Jealousy… Replace with gratitude and love

Fear…. Replace with confidence in yourself.

This may seem ridiculously hard sometimes to do, but remember that life is a test. The more strength we show during these testing times and use love to overcome every barrier, the quicker we become the best possible version of ourselves.

Soul activation

The awakening consciousness is a very individual journey. This is all about awakening the soul and shifting your consciousness to be in line with your true divine self. Each session is completely tailored to you and your individual aim. During this hour session we will connect with your soul, work on clearing any energy implants or old energy programming and this will in turn open you up to a new energy frequency. When this happens you will start to feel that divine connection to who you truly are. These sessions can be completed both one to one or distantly as we are working with the universal energy that your soul is connected to.




Shining from your soul meditation. samanthafourie.com


spiritual development

Emotional symptoms at this stage of the ascension

The ascension process is upon us, there is a new energy frequency on the planet and we are all being pushed into healing and releasing unwanted emotions and energies. During this process your energy frequencies will begin to change and you will start to feel lots of emotional symptoms.
This is very prominent at this point of time due to the portal of light being opened and mother earth begins her healing process.

The Divine energy portal of peace and love


So as Mother earth begins healing so are we. With healing there will always be times where we are uncomfortable, traumatic emotions will be coming to the surface, not only from this life time but from previous lifetimes also.

Although we are all healing, this can be for some a very difficult time indeed.

As lightworkers, earth angels, crystals, empaths etc and just divine beings that you are, you have often put yourself into situations where you are sacrificing your soul for others, you will always put others before yourself. I know many lightworkers who have been put into very traumatic situations indeed. As hard as it may seem this was all part of the plan, but the good news is that the healing process has started.

Because of this trauma that you have been placed in, your energy has been effected, and like with any type of healing, when it does take place it can be painful and uncomfortable as those traumatic emotions are brought to the surface.

You are peeling back the layers of yourself until you find the true, pure divine being that you are. The ascension process is about us finding our souls and releasing unwanted negative emotions that are holding us back.

Remember You are exactly where you need to be, you are exactly who you need to be. The strongest people choose the most difficult paths.

You lift people up with your light, your soul has chosen to leave its imprint with people you meet and places you go, The more darker the situation the more your light will leave an imprint. Effectively we sacrifice ourselves in order to leave an energy imprint in the darkest of places. Everywhere you go, everyone we meet is divinely co-ordinated. Then as your energy awakens and your soul ignites, this acts like a magnet to the soul fragments that you have left in those dark places. When these light up…. You leave a mass of light behind.

Your one soul can help so many people by you awakening.

Soul Codes

As lightworkers the negative emotions we hold onto are… Guilt, anger, regret, shame, anxiety, fear.

These emotions are often extra strong simply because you are a good person and you care. If you weren’t a good person, you wouldnt have those feelings.

The basic ways of dealing with these emotions are the following…

  • be kind to yourself
  • Know that you are a divine being and deserve absolute soul happiness
  • Have gratitude for every experience in your life… even the hard times. They have made you who you are
  • See everything as lessons. We are here to learn, and help those around us.
  • Remember that you were chosen for your strength. Never lose hope
  • These emotions that are coming to the surface mean that you are healing. There is no way back now, only forwards.
  • Look after your energy and know that you are here on a mission and you are always looked after. The planet needs your light, You are exactly where you need to be.
  • Tell yourself everyday just how amazing you are and that you are a divine being.

There will be times when these feelings of emotion are overwhelming. But know that you are not alone and reach out to as many other lightworkers as you can.

You are perfect the way you are, and now the hard work is over and its time for you to heal and truly shine from within.

For any extra help in these times, please feel free to message me on samanthafourie1@hotmail.co.uk or comment below.

Love, light and peace xxxx


Energy awakening… Light initiation. Unlock you spiritual power

We each hold a divine light within us, We are all divine beings who hold a spiritual power within us. This light initiation is completed distantly and will shift your conscious awareness into a new state of spiritual awareness, igniting the light within your soul so that you understand exactly who you are.



Soul activation

The awakening consciousness is a very individual journey. This is all about awakening the soul and shifting your consciousness to be in line with your true divine self. Each session is completely tailored to you and your individual aim. During this hour session we will connect with your soul, work on clearing any energy implants or old energy programming and this will in turn open you up to a new energy frequency. When this happens you will start to feel that divine connection to who you truly are. These sessions can be completed both one to one or distantly as we are working with the universal energy that your soul is connected to.



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The Divine energy portal of peace and love

On Saturday 26th October 2019, the first energy portal between the divine mother earth and the Divine heavenly realms connected and the first key to immense energy being filtered into the earth was opened.

Commander Ashtar and his federation of light, who have been working tirelessly with Lord Sananda were able to open the very first portal of light on this earth.

In order to do this they had to wait until all of the crystalline grids had been sealed and activated within the earths core.

Until now the only way to bring divine light and energy into the earths atmosphere had been through activated crystals and awakened lightworkers/crystals/indigos/earth angels etc. We were the pillars of light and as many of your are aware you have been working tirelessly within the different realms of energy, channelling and directing light etc.

Saturday 26th October this all changed! On the 24th October 2019 Lord Sananda’s divine energy manifested here in the physical plane, this was assisted by galactic commander Ashtar. Not only did this light manifest once in physical form but it was also distributed as the divine light of Archangel Michael, protector of humanity and mother earth.

For the first time ever these divine sources of energy had been brought down into the earth plane and have been able to manifest into physical form.

So what about this energy? On Saturday 26th October within a stone circle deep within the earth, one of the contact points for the Galactic command was opened. A physical manifestation carrying both the divine Christ light as well as light of Archangel Michael was placed within this circle. Mother Earth then connected with the divine universal source through this physical form and for the first time ever the two connected.

This has now created a free flow of healing energy for mother earth and her inhabitants. That divine light from God is now gently healing mother earth.

Many who follow the Schumann resonance would have noticed the huge change in energy flow.

Many lightworkers already working at that frequency of energy would have seen the light, or felt that something had changed.

So why is it so exciting? Not only have we reached a point where the divine source light is now flowing into the earths core, gently healing her soul, but this is a continuous flow of divine energy that all earth angels, lightworkers, star seeds etc can draw on for extra help.

Remember that until now we have all been doing the hard work and acting as physical forms of light. Now however we have an extra hand!!

So how do we benefit from this light?

Your soul is already divine light, its created from the same light that is now gently flowing through the earth. from your soul ask the divine father to bring you peace and healing, this light will naturally be flowing to whoever calls upon it, this isn’t to gain power or extra spiritual gifts etc, this is simply to feel the beautiful, unconditional love from source within your heart. It will gently calm our minds and heal our torment, making us feel in deep peace and unconditional love.

The message of this beautiful energy…. You are fully protected, loved and are in the arms of the divine father once again.

A beautiful affirmation to draw on this energy would be…

” Divine father, I give gratitude for what I have, My heart is open and soul ready to received your divine love, protection and peace. With grace allow me to heal so that I may be of service to your love. Amen”

I hope you all enjoy this new found beautiful energy that has been gifted to us.

Love, light and Peace xxxx

What are the spiritual dimensions people talk about? 3d,4d, 5d and 6d


Light activation into the 6th dimension meeting your galactic guides

This can only be completed if your energy is already within the 4th/5th dimensional realms and you are already along your spiritual progression. This will activate your light so that you are working among your galactic guides. This is the final stage for any lightworker discovering their full potential as multi-dimensional being



spiritual development

What are the spiritual dimensions people talk about? 3d,4d, 5d and 6d

For me I have been told there are 12 dimensions, however the main ones that people will talk about are 3d, 4d and 5d.

We are energy beings, muliti-dimensional light beings. Our soul is a light connected to the universal light of our source, the light where we are all created. Our body is simply a physical suit, designed to fit into this place we call earth. When we incarnate here we are placed into the 3rd dimension which is the dense physical self that we know ourselves as. Our job from here is to find our divine selves and reconnect with the divine source that we all are.

So what does it all mean?

When we talk about the dimensions, these are layers of the soul that until now many have been unable to connect to. Our soul is energy and that energy vibrates at the frequency of the universe. We are all universal source, we just need to peel back the layers of ourselves until we are able to connect with the different frequencies of ourselves. We each have this unique skill as we are all the same. We are all divine as we are all the universe, we just need to find our way into our full potential.

So what are the frequencies of the soul? keeping it as simple as possible the frequencies are as follows..

3d… The dense physical frequency that is the physical being of ourselves. When our soul only resonates on the same frequency as our physical self we only associate ourselves with the following.. Physical forms, material items, looks, perfection of physical form. These often create low frequency feelings of… Not being worthy, self loathing, never feeling enough, jealousy, anger and constant looking for more, more materials, more perfection. This is living in the state of I AM, dog eat dog world, each for their own etc.

Our society forces us from a young age to conform into the 3d version of ourselves without looking beyond it.

4d…. As your soul begins to awaken and your energy frequency begins to open up (many are born of these frequency already) you will start to sense things, you begin to sense energies around you, spirit around you, angels, guides, positive and negative frequencies. There are 2 layers 4th dimensional frequency..

1st layer… Your spiritual self begins to awaken, your soul starts to long for who you are, you feel the energy around you, you absorb energy from places and people, you may begin to feel your soul guiding you, you have strong intuition and you feel connected to the energy around you. This is a level of frequency where your true potential begins to awaken. This is an exciting time and you must try and keep your frequencies high to move onto the next stage. You can do this by..

-being aware of how you feel around certain people and places, are you picking up on their energies?

Do you feel like your energies are very up and down? Do you get upset for no reason? do you feel like you are absorbing other peoples energy?

New spiritual gifts, you may start sensing things, seeing flashes of light, seeing spirit/energy, hearing things, have the gift of knowing, you just know information and not know where this comes from these are all unique skills we acquire when our energy frequency moves into 4d state of conscious awareness.

Things to be aware of in the first layer of the 4th dimension…

As your energy frequency starts to resonate with the 4th dimensional plane of the universe you need to be aware of the following, this is not to bring fear, but just awareness… The 4th dimension is where the polarity of light and dark energies roam. There are both light and dark energies moving around the 4th dimension. You will know if you are being effected by the 4th dimensions if your energy is fluctuating a lot… one minute your low, the next minute you feel happy, You will often feel that you are battling with depression, anxiety, fear etc. These are all emotions related to when you energy is effected by the darker polarities of the 4th dimension. On the other hand you will be aware of feeling huge love and light in your heart when your guides or angels are near, You will feel such immense love for yourself and others when you are being effected by the positive light of the 4th dimension.

Unfortunately everyone must go through the 4th dimensional frequency so that they can reach the bliss of the 5th dimensional frequency.

The more you resonate with love and light the quicker your energy frequency moves up the ladder of light. Whenever you feel down, be kind to yourself, when you feel fear, meditate on the light, when you are anxious focus on positive affirmations and energy. If you feel low or down on energy, take time in nature… Nature naturally rebalances energies. The more you focus on light the stronger you will become spiritually. If you need an extra boost go for some energy healing with someone, just follow your soul and it will lead you.

The second layer of the 4th dimension. Now your energy really begins to resonate with the pure divine being that you are!…

As your energy frequency moves up the ladder of light and it begins to resonate with the layer between the 4th and 5th dimensions your souls light has suddenly become stronger. The dark energies can only survive within the 4th dimensional realms and so as your light begins to get stronger the darker energies will try and stop you at any chance, This is when you may feel like you literally have the world on your shoulders, you may feel clouded in judgements, feel trapped like you cant move forwards or backwards, everything you ever thought you knew will be thrown out of the window! for many you may experience dark dreams, feelings of deep anxiety and anguish for no reason. This is often what is known as the dark night of the soul. The good thing is though is that you are almost there! Once your souls light pushes through the veil of awareness within this dimension things will change forever.

Moving into 5d…

Once your energy is at a certain vibration it is ready to move into the 5th dimensional realm. This realm is where Love, light and immense unconditional love sits. The energy that you feel when your soul is here is an overwhelming feeling that you are home.

You are now resonating within the realms of light. Your energy is now a beacon of love and you are able to really step into your true divine self. Your gifts to the world will awaken and you will feel unstoppable. In the 5d realm you will feel start to feel naturally re-energised, you will have released any anxieties, heavy energy feelings, you will be resonating in the realms of love and light. Creating a physical manifestation of Heaven of earth. Every soul is being guided back to this place of love. You are being guided into the light.

6th Dimension is where your energy is fully integrated into your original source, for some this is straight from the heavenly realms, for others this is the stars… our galactic families. Here you will be fully integrated into the highest possible version of yourself.

You are all divine so now let your souls shine xxxxx

Soul rescue and Light initiations

Ascension update, The council of 12 and your galactic guides.