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Emotional symptoms at this stage of the ascension

The ascension process is upon us, there is a new energy frequency on the planet and we are all being pushed into healing and releasing unwanted emotions and energies. During this process your energy frequencies will begin to change and you will start to feel lots of emotional symptoms.
This is very prominent at this point of time due to the portal of light being opened and mother earth begins her healing process.

The Divine energy portal of peace and love


So as Mother earth begins healing so are we. With healing there will always be times where we are uncomfortable, traumatic emotions will be coming to the surface, not only from this life time but from previous lifetimes also.

Although we are all healing, this can be for some a very difficult time indeed.

As lightworkers, earth angels, crystals, empaths etc and just divine beings that you are, you have often put yourself into situations where you are sacrificing your soul for others, you will always put others before yourself. I know many lightworkers who have been put into very traumatic situations indeed. As hard as it may seem this was all part of the plan, but the good news is that the healing process has started.

Because of this trauma that you have been placed in, your energy has been effected, and like with any type of healing, when it does take place it can be painful and uncomfortable as those traumatic emotions are brought to the surface.

You are peeling back the layers of yourself until you find the true, pure divine being that you are. The ascension process is about us finding our souls and releasing unwanted negative emotions that are holding us back.

Remember You are exactly where you need to be, you are exactly who you need to be. The strongest people choose the most difficult paths.

You lift people up with your light, your soul has chosen to leave its imprint with people you meet and places you go, The more darker the situation the more your light will leave an imprint. Effectively we sacrifice ourselves in order to leave an energy imprint in the darkest of places. Everywhere you go, everyone we meet is divinely co-ordinated. Then as your energy awakens and your soul ignites, this acts like a magnet to the soul fragments that you have left in those dark places. When these light up…. You leave a mass of light behind.

Your one soul can help so many people by you awakening.

Soul Codes

As lightworkers the negative emotions we hold onto are… Guilt, anger, regret, shame, anxiety, fear.

These emotions are often extra strong simply because you are a good person and you care. If you weren’t a good person, you wouldnt have those feelings.

The basic ways of dealing with these emotions are the following…

  • be kind to yourself
  • Know that you are a divine being and deserve absolute soul happiness
  • Have gratitude for every experience in your life… even the hard times. They have made you who you are
  • See everything as lessons. We are here to learn, and help those around us.
  • Remember that you were chosen for your strength. Never lose hope
  • These emotions that are coming to the surface mean that you are healing. There is no way back now, only forwards.
  • Look after your energy and know that you are here on a mission and you are always looked after. The planet needs your light, You are exactly where you need to be.
  • Tell yourself everyday just how amazing you are and that you are a divine being.

There will be times when these feelings of emotion are overwhelming. But know that you are not alone and reach out to as many other lightworkers as you can.

You are perfect the way you are, and now the hard work is over and its time for you to heal and truly shine from within.

For any extra help in these times, please feel free to message me on samanthafourie1@hotmail.co.uk or comment below.

Love, light and peace xxxx


Energy awakening… Light initiation. Unlock you spiritual power

We each hold a divine light within us, We are all divine beings who hold a spiritual power within us. This light initiation is completed distantly and will shift your conscious awareness into a new state of spiritual awareness, igniting the light within your soul so that you understand exactly who you are.



Soul activation

The awakening consciousness is a very individual journey. This is all about awakening the soul and shifting your consciousness to be in line with your true divine self. Each session is completely tailored to you and your individual aim. During this hour session we will connect with your soul, work on clearing any energy implants or old energy programming and this will in turn open you up to a new energy frequency. When this happens you will start to feel that divine connection to who you truly are. These sessions can be completed both one to one or distantly as we are working with the universal energy that your soul is connected to.



spiritual development

The Divine energy portal of peace and love

On Saturday 26th October 2019, the first energy portal between the divine mother earth and the Divine heavenly realms connected and the first key to immense energy being filtered into the earth was opened.

Commander Ashtar and his federation of light, who have been working tirelessly with Lord Sananda were able to open the very first portal of light on this earth.

In order to do this they had to wait until all of the crystalline grids had been sealed and activated within the earths core.

Until now the only way to bring divine light and energy into the earths atmosphere had been through activated crystals and awakened lightworkers/crystals/indigos/earth angels etc. We were the pillars of light and as many of your are aware you have been working tirelessly within the different realms of energy, channelling and directing light etc.

Saturday 26th October this all changed! On the 24th October 2019 Lord Sananda’s divine energy manifested here in the physical plane, this was assisted by galactic commander Ashtar. Not only did this light manifest once in physical form but it was also distributed as the divine light of Archangel Michael, protector of humanity and mother earth.

For the first time ever these divine sources of energy had been brought down into the earth plane and have been able to manifest into physical form.

So what about this energy? On Saturday 26th October within a stone circle deep within the earth, one of the contact points for the Galactic command was opened. A physical manifestation carrying both the divine Christ light as well as light of Archangel Michael was placed within this circle. Mother Earth then connected with the divine universal source through this physical form and for the first time ever the two connected.

This has now created a free flow of healing energy for mother earth and her inhabitants. That divine light from God is now gently healing mother earth.

Many who follow the Schumann resonance would have noticed the huge change in energy flow.

Many lightworkers already working at that frequency of energy would have seen the light, or felt that something had changed.

So why is it so exciting? Not only have we reached a point where the divine source light is now flowing into the earths core, gently healing her soul, but this is a continuous flow of divine energy that all earth angels, lightworkers, star seeds etc can draw on for extra help.

Remember that until now we have all been doing the hard work and acting as physical forms of light. Now however we have an extra hand!!

So how do we benefit from this light?

Your soul is already divine light, its created from the same light that is now gently flowing through the earth. from your soul ask the divine father to bring you peace and healing, this light will naturally be flowing to whoever calls upon it, this isn’t to gain power or extra spiritual gifts etc, this is simply to feel the beautiful, unconditional love from source within your heart. It will gently calm our minds and heal our torment, making us feel in deep peace and unconditional love.

The message of this beautiful energy…. You are fully protected, loved and are in the arms of the divine father once again.

A beautiful affirmation to draw on this energy would be…

” Divine father, I give gratitude for what I have, My heart is open and soul ready to received your divine love, protection and peace. With grace allow me to heal so that I may be of service to your love. Amen”

I hope you all enjoy this new found beautiful energy that has been gifted to us.

Love, light and Peace xxxx

What are the spiritual dimensions people talk about? 3d,4d, 5d and 6d


Light activation into the 6th dimension meeting your galactic guides

This can only be completed if your energy is already within the 4th/5th dimensional realms and you are already along your spiritual progression. This will activate your light so that you are working among your galactic guides. This is the final stage for any lightworker discovering their full potential as multi-dimensional being



spiritual development

What are the spiritual dimensions people talk about? 3d,4d, 5d and 6d

For me I have been told there are 12 dimensions, however the main ones that people will talk about are 3d, 4d and 5d.

We are energy beings, muliti-dimensional light beings. Our soul is a light connected to the universal light of our source, the light where we are all created. Our body is simply a physical suit, designed to fit into this place we call earth. When we incarnate here we are placed into the 3rd dimension which is the dense physical self that we know ourselves as. Our job from here is to find our divine selves and reconnect with the divine source that we all are.

So what does it all mean?

When we talk about the dimensions, these are layers of the soul that until now many have been unable to connect to. Our soul is energy and that energy vibrates at the frequency of the universe. We are all universal source, we just need to peel back the layers of ourselves until we are able to connect with the different frequencies of ourselves. We each have this unique skill as we are all the same. We are all divine as we are all the universe, we just need to find our way into our full potential.

So what are the frequencies of the soul? keeping it as simple as possible the frequencies are as follows..

3d… The dense physical frequency that is the physical being of ourselves. When our soul only resonates on the same frequency as our physical self we only associate ourselves with the following.. Physical forms, material items, looks, perfection of physical form. These often create low frequency feelings of… Not being worthy, self loathing, never feeling enough, jealousy, anger and constant looking for more, more materials, more perfection. This is living in the state of I AM, dog eat dog world, each for their own etc.

Our society forces us from a young age to conform into the 3d version of ourselves without looking beyond it.

4d…. As your soul begins to awaken and your energy frequency begins to open up (many are born of these frequency already) you will start to sense things, you begin to sense energies around you, spirit around you, angels, guides, positive and negative frequencies. There are 2 layers 4th dimensional frequency..

1st layer… Your spiritual self begins to awaken, your soul starts to long for who you are, you feel the energy around you, you absorb energy from places and people, you may begin to feel your soul guiding you, you have strong intuition and you feel connected to the energy around you. This is a level of frequency where your true potential begins to awaken. This is an exciting time and you must try and keep your frequencies high to move onto the next stage. You can do this by..

-being aware of how you feel around certain people and places, are you picking up on their energies?

Do you feel like your energies are very up and down? Do you get upset for no reason? do you feel like you are absorbing other peoples energy?

New spiritual gifts, you may start sensing things, seeing flashes of light, seeing spirit/energy, hearing things, have the gift of knowing, you just know information and not know where this comes from these are all unique skills we acquire when our energy frequency moves into 4d state of conscious awareness.

Things to be aware of in the first layer of the 4th dimension…

As your energy frequency starts to resonate with the 4th dimensional plane of the universe you need to be aware of the following, this is not to bring fear, but just awareness… The 4th dimension is where the polarity of light and dark energies roam. There are both light and dark energies moving around the 4th dimension. You will know if you are being effected by the 4th dimensions if your energy is fluctuating a lot… one minute your low, the next minute you feel happy, You will often feel that you are battling with depression, anxiety, fear etc. These are all emotions related to when you energy is effected by the darker polarities of the 4th dimension. On the other hand you will be aware of feeling huge love and light in your heart when your guides or angels are near, You will feel such immense love for yourself and others when you are being effected by the positive light of the 4th dimension.

Unfortunately everyone must go through the 4th dimensional frequency so that they can reach the bliss of the 5th dimensional frequency.

The more you resonate with love and light the quicker your energy frequency moves up the ladder of light. Whenever you feel down, be kind to yourself, when you feel fear, meditate on the light, when you are anxious focus on positive affirmations and energy. If you feel low or down on energy, take time in nature… Nature naturally rebalances energies. The more you focus on light the stronger you will become spiritually. If you need an extra boost go for some energy healing with someone, just follow your soul and it will lead you.

The second layer of the 4th dimension. Now your energy really begins to resonate with the pure divine being that you are!…

As your energy frequency moves up the ladder of light and it begins to resonate with the layer between the 4th and 5th dimensions your souls light has suddenly become stronger. The dark energies can only survive within the 4th dimensional realms and so as your light begins to get stronger the darker energies will try and stop you at any chance, This is when you may feel like you literally have the world on your shoulders, you may feel clouded in judgements, feel trapped like you cant move forwards or backwards, everything you ever thought you knew will be thrown out of the window! for many you may experience dark dreams, feelings of deep anxiety and anguish for no reason. This is often what is known as the dark night of the soul. The good thing is though is that you are almost there! Once your souls light pushes through the veil of awareness within this dimension things will change forever.

Moving into 5d…

Once your energy is at a certain vibration it is ready to move into the 5th dimensional realm. This realm is where Love, light and immense unconditional love sits. The energy that you feel when your soul is here is an overwhelming feeling that you are home.

You are now resonating within the realms of light. Your energy is now a beacon of love and you are able to really step into your true divine self. Your gifts to the world will awaken and you will feel unstoppable. In the 5d realm you will feel start to feel naturally re-energised, you will have released any anxieties, heavy energy feelings, you will be resonating in the realms of love and light. Creating a physical manifestation of Heaven of earth. Every soul is being guided back to this place of love. You are being guided into the light.

6th Dimension is where your energy is fully integrated into your original source, for some this is straight from the heavenly realms, for others this is the stars… our galactic families. Here you will be fully integrated into the highest possible version of yourself.

You are all divine so now let your souls shine xxxxx

Soul rescue and Light initiations

Ascension update, The council of 12 and your galactic guides.

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The walls of reality are collapsing

Now that the ascension is in full swing we are seeing the walls of reality collapsing around us. You will become aware that as multi-dimensional beings you are able to take your energy to wherever is needed. You can meet souls in other dimensions and recognize their energy straight away. But most importantly for many lightworkers the walls of reality are collapsing and you are seeing very quickly just who you are and seeing the truth in everything around you. There may be many realities around you that are suddenly showing themselves as no good for you as well as being shown other realities that are within the future or what you will become.

The important thing to remember is you have control, It may seem like everything around you is collapsing, but this is meant to happen.

Angel guidance reading plus aura reading

Recieve an indepth guidance and aura reading. channelled directly from your angels and guides. Readings will be emailed within 24hours of payment being recieved.



You have complete control, stay strong and firm and trust that all will reveal itself very soon. Decisions will be made subconsciously about where you want your life to be headed, who you wish to surround yourself with, how you wish for others to treat you etc. This is a time of shedding and evolvement. You are evolving into a magnificent multi dimensional being, be strong, stead fast and watch the magic unfold.

Spend time on yourself, put yourself on the pedestal that you deserve to be on and shine from within. Remember its ok as a lightworker/earth angel to put yourself first. We are a mass consciousness, the more people feeling good and emanating love from within for themselves, the planet and those around you the better everyone feels around you.

Stand strong with your light shining, trust in your souls progression and allow all things around you that no longer serves you to disappear. The walls of control around you cannot stand any longer and the void between the dimensions and realms of reality are thinning, yes the world seems in chaos at the moment, but trust in the process, we are all being helped and guided by the light. Your full potential will soon be made aware to you.

Keep shining beautiful souls xxx

Shining from your soul meditation. samanthafourie.com

Message of frequency changes


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Ascension update, The council of 12 and your galactic guides.

We are moving quickly into the next state of consciousness, over the past few days many have been approached by your galactic guides and the federation of light. These beings are here to help us, we are what you would call as ET’S. (we do not like that term as we are you, and you are us) do not be afraid, they are here to lead us home and into the next level of our evolution.

Time has now run out for the controllers of the planet, there is now too much light on earth and our plan to help earth re join the universal systems of light has truly started to be under way.

Many will start to feel excited about what is coming, your souls are telling you something is about to happen, yet you do not know what. This is because the next stage of ascension has begun. The walls are beginning to crumble and you are being welcomed home into the light.

The council of 12 have been briefed and are ready to start their initiations of light. The lightworkers sent to help bring light to the planet will start to be initiated. The council of 12 are the beings of light that you may know as leaders of light within many realms.

For you though you needn’t think of names, as the council of light have been incarnated here in different dimensions many times with different tasks to complete. But now is the time that they will arrive with you all and you will start to embody their energy. As your consciousness becomes clearer and of a higher vibrational frequency you will be allocated one or more of these light beings to fuse their energy with yours and you will become an embodiment of them. Each of these energies have different purposes within the task of ascension. They will flow on different frequencies, each for the following roles..

  • dark matter clearance within the 4th dimensional realm
  • Fetching of souls stuck within the underworld, guiding them to the light
  • fetching of soul fragments within the higher realms, for example after near death or coma states.
  • the peace bringers, they will be shining light wherever is needed, installing peace through their skill of teleportation and light guidance, they are able to cover large places and distances at once.
  •  healing of our mother God.. Earth
  • the healing of minds and souls, you will be activating healing wherever you go.
  • spreading the word, these will be warriors of light, sharing their knowledge against all odds.
  • Guiding peoples souls through this experience and integrating the 12 dimensions of the soul, through knowledge and healing.

For many, you will have a mix of these skills and consciousness integrated with you, for others it will be more of one and less of another.

The 12 councils of light will be embodying the earth within you until their job is complete.

You are now ready to step into the next stage of earths evolution and you are playing an important part in this transition. These 12 councils of light have already embodied some of you, but now as the next portal has opened they will be from today embodying more lightworkers at a quicker rate. They are coming to help and they will be working through you.

When his happens your soul codes will begin to change, not only will your soul regain full consciousness but it will be receiving new coding. This coding will be from the councils of light. Once all lightworkers have received their new coding and have a consciousness fully integrated with the councils of light, then the power to unify your planet back within the galactic system will be well under way.

We are all as one. and we thankyou for your hard work and dedication.

Love, light and peace, Sam

(This information was collated during my galactic meetings with my Light guide, Ashtar Sheran)

Course of 4 Celestial light energy attunements

Recieve 4 beautiful angel energy attunements. Completely shift your energy field and increase your connection to the angel light around you. Once your energy has been connected to your angels it will be easier to hear and feel them around you. Each attunement takes approximately one hour but can be completed distantly and at your own convenience.


Watch “Important for lightworkers. The Army has arrived!” on YouTube

Soul Codes

Who are our galactic guides and why are they making contact



Soul guidance reading

In depth soul guidance reading


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Soul Codes

I haven’t yet delved into this information and there is still new information being brought forward, however I just thought I would share my insight and experiences these past few weeks and what they have come to mean.

So the past 2 weeks I have felt that I am not completely here and part of me is elsewhere. I have felt exhausted and very low on energy. I have felt that my energy is being used elsewhere and I was shown My light at the gates of the 4th/5th dimension and being used to absorb negative energies and transmitting them into light, I saw my light as a cross and being used to absorb as much energy as possible. But here in the physical plane I was exhausted and napping all of the time. I just knew that how I saw my light was true and this is what had been happening.

Then another shift happened…. I was shown crystals within the earth lighting up ley lines across the planet and they were linking up the crystalline grids beneath the earth. As these crystals activated, it created a huge magnetic force around the planet and I just saw light expanding everywhere. Pretty awesome and exciting that this shift has now happened.

Following this shift I had been waking up every night, to seeing a line of codes/symbols being filtered through my crown chakra, but as I awoke, I always saw above me a small dot of light that was being resealed, like a zip of codes and then the light shutting down. I needed to know what this was! so I asked for guidance and asked for them to bring me the answer.

The following day I was just drawn to start writing, I had to place information down on paper. The information that was brought forward was as follows….

– As lightworkers/earth angels we took out a soul contract to be brought to this earth plane in order to help the planet transition to light but for maximum benefit part of our soul light code was given a life plan.

– When we arrived on this earth plane we were put to sleep spiritually. Our life plan then begins, with each life experience, places we go, people we meet if it is Gods will part of our soul coding is left behind. These soul codes are with certain people, in certain places etc. Have you ever wondered why as an earth angel our life plans until now have been so difficult? two reasons, one we bring love and compassion wherever we go, and 2 soul codes are left behind ready for the transition, we are effectively as spiritual beings broken down and fragmented only to find ourselves later on.

– A week or so ago the Crystalline grids connected and were fully active this has activated lights all over the planet.

– At the same time many souls are reaching the gates of the 5th dimension and fully connecting with their higher self and our spiritual beings around us etc

– As your light becomes stronger the light of your soul is connected to both the father God and Mother God. You become a beacon of light. This light then activates like a magnet and fragments of our soul codes are brought back into our energy systems. But before this happens, as your light becomes stronger it activates the light in the codes from your soul left in certain places, with certain people etc. So as your main soul light activates, so do the fragments of your soul scattered in different places. Its like a huge gathering of light.

– These fragments of your soul can be left with people, places within the 3d or it can be on the 4d etc, but they all become activated when your soul reaches the high vibration of energy. When they activate, they activate an imprint of light wherever they are.

– These activations takes place strategically in accordance to the planetary healing, which is why I have always said, ascension is not a race!!! We are all being activated at specific times to connect the grids of light together.

– Once all of the fragments of your soul become active and are working on the same vibrational frequency as your main soul, they begin to reconnect and therefore you are becoming whole again.

– Once all of the fragments have arrived back with you, you will then begin to receive new codes within you from the different dimensions, upgrading you and activating the full power within you.

– I was shown that when this happens your health increases, cells regenerate etc and we become fully integrated into the crystalline state,

So all in all as lightworkers until now many of you have given parts of your soul to different places etc which has then caused a huge wave of light!. Then we see the rainbow children arriving and stepping into their power and they are paving the way for the new world. Super exciting!

I hope this helps everyone xxxxx Lots of love

Ps I would love to know other peoples experiences etc, we can all help each other out 🙂
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Ascension update… Crystals being activated ready to ascend the planet

So for many we all already have the knowledge that crystals help to realign our energy systems and rebalance the mind body and spirit, but there is an awareness growing that something has changed.

I have only been shown this information today by my guides so I have felt that I have had to write what they have told me, Crystals have been strategically placed around the world on certain energy lines. Many until now have remained hidden for this very purpose. In the past few days now that the energy of the planet has changed and the ascension process is speeding up. These crystals are becoming activated all over the world. Crystals not only transmit energy but they absorb to.

There have been many lightworkers across the world who have been transmitting light from the universal source, our galaxy sun. These rays that they are transmitting are on a frequency that they not only activate energy systems but can change the molecule makeup of physical form. In effect the DNA of these crystals have been activated.

For many who are sensitive to energy, the past week or so you have felt tired, and also for many you may have had ringing in the ears… like on an aeroplane, headaches… but not normal headaches, more like pressure change. Many of this is down to the sudden frequency change on the planet as these crystals have been activated.

I was shown huge lines of light within the core of the earth joining and that light is being pulled and connected to the pillars of light being channelled from the universal power source, shifting the frequency of the planet even more. We are now in full force of the ascension process and its super exciting!!! tiring but exciting!

Many lightworkers have been called into work. This has often been during sleep state on a subconscious level. Many have been called to service. When this happens your energy/spiritual being is transported to the higher dimensions and some are called upon to be in meetings about what is happening, these are with the high spiritual councils, others have been delegated to transmitting light from the universal source. These are the lightworkers who have a duty to be the physical forms of light onto the planet. During this time there have also been many who have been called into duty of absorbing negative energies and transmitting light, these lightworkers will often recall seeing themselves at the gates of light, they will feel tired during the day often, and having to take lots of naps during the day etc, because physically part of their energy has been called somewhere else.

Then we have the lightworkers who have been called upon to connect with the light being transmitted into the earth and guide that light along these energy lines, activating the crystals within the core of the earth.

Now that these crystals are now activated, the very core energy of the planet has changed, and these crystals will also transmitting light into the earth, and many will be starting their ascension process from now. The whole planet has literally now been activated and the light is forming a huge grid. When that grid is fully active the planet will be filled with light, and then the fun really begins!!!!

Keep going my friends, you are exactly where you need to be xxxx

Love and light Sam

Raising our consciousness is not about following someone else’s path. Its about following our own