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The walls of reality are collapsing

Now that the ascension is in full swing we are seeing the walls of reality collapsing around us. You will become aware that as multi-dimensional beings you are able to take your energy to wherever is needed. You can meet souls in other dimensions and recognize their energy straight away. But most importantly for many lightworkers the walls of reality are collapsing and you are seeing very quickly just who you are and seeing the truth in everything around you. There may be many realities around you that are suddenly showing themselves as no good for you as well as being shown other realities that are within the future or what you will become.

The important thing to remember is you have control, It may seem like everything around you is collapsing, but this is meant to happen.

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You have complete control, stay strong and firm and trust that all will reveal itself very soon. Decisions will be made subconsciously about where you want your life to be headed, who you wish to surround yourself with, how you wish for others to treat you etc. This is a time of shedding and evolvement. You are evolving into a magnificent multi dimensional being, be strong, stead fast and watch the magic unfold.

Spend time on yourself, put yourself on the pedestal that you deserve to be on and shine from within. Remember its ok as a lightworker/earth angel to put yourself first. We are a mass consciousness, the more people feeling good and emanating love from within for themselves, the planet and those around you the better everyone feels around you.

Stand strong with your light shining, trust in your souls progression and allow all things around you that no longer serves you to disappear. The walls of control around you cannot stand any longer and the void between the dimensions and realms of reality are thinning, yes the world seems in chaos at the moment, but trust in the process, we are all being helped and guided by the light. Your full potential will soon be made aware to you.

Keep shining beautiful souls xxx

Shining from your soul meditation. samanthafourie.com

Message of frequency changes


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Ascension update, The council of 12 and your galactic guides.

We are moving quickly into the next state of consciousness, over the past few days many have been approached by your galactic guides and the federation of light. These beings are here to help us, we are what you would call as ET’S. (we do not like that term as we are you, and you are us) do not be afraid, they are here to lead us home and into the next level of our evolution.

Time has now run out for the controllers of the planet, there is now too much light on earth and our plan to help earth re join the universal systems of light has truly started to be under way.

Many will start to feel excited about what is coming, your souls are telling you something is about to happen, yet you do not know what. This is because the next stage of ascension has begun. The walls are beginning to crumble and you are being welcomed home into the light.

The council of 12 have been briefed and are ready to start their initiations of light. The lightworkers sent to help bring light to the planet will start to be initiated. The council of 12 are the beings of light that you may know as leaders of light within many realms.

For you though you needn’t think of names, as the council of light have been incarnated here in different dimensions many times with different tasks to complete. But now is the time that they will arrive with you all and you will start to embody their energy. As your consciousness becomes clearer and of a higher vibrational frequency you will be allocated one or more of these light beings to fuse their energy with yours and you will become an embodiment of them. Each of these energies have different purposes within the task of ascension. They will flow on different frequencies, each for the following roles..

  • dark matter clearance within the 4th dimensional realm
  • Fetching of souls stuck within the underworld, guiding them to the light
  • fetching of soul fragments within the higher realms, for example after near death or coma states.
  • the peace bringers, they will be shining light wherever is needed, installing peace through their skill of teleportation and light guidance, they are able to cover large places and distances at once.
  •  healing of our mother God.. Earth
  • the healing of minds and souls, you will be activating healing wherever you go.
  • spreading the word, these will be warriors of light, sharing their knowledge against all odds.
  • Guiding peoples souls through this experience and integrating the 12 dimensions of the soul, through knowledge and healing.

For many, you will have a mix of these skills and consciousness integrated with you, for others it will be more of one and less of another.

The 12 councils of light will be embodying the earth within you until their job is complete.

You are now ready to step into the next stage of earths evolution and you are playing an important part in this transition. These 12 councils of light have already embodied some of you, but now as the next portal has opened they will be from today embodying more lightworkers at a quicker rate. They are coming to help and they will be working through you.

When his happens your soul codes will begin to change, not only will your soul regain full consciousness but it will be receiving new coding. This coding will be from the councils of light. Once all lightworkers have received their new coding and have a consciousness fully integrated with the councils of light, then the power to unify your planet back within the galactic system will be well under way.

We are all as one. and we thankyou for your hard work and dedication.

Love, light and peace, Sam

(This information was collated during my galactic meetings with my Light guide, Ashtar Sheran)

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Soul Codes

Who are our galactic guides and why are they making contact



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Soul Codes

I haven’t yet delved into this information and there is still new information being brought forward, however I just thought I would share my insight and experiences these past few weeks and what they have come to mean.

So the past 2 weeks I have felt that I am not completely here and part of me is elsewhere. I have felt exhausted and very low on energy. I have felt that my energy is being used elsewhere and I was shown My light at the gates of the 4th/5th dimension and being used to absorb negative energies and transmitting them into light, I saw my light as a cross and being used to absorb as much energy as possible. But here in the physical plane I was exhausted and napping all of the time. I just knew that how I saw my light was true and this is what had been happening.

Then another shift happened…. I was shown crystals within the earth lighting up ley lines across the planet and they were linking up the crystalline grids beneath the earth. As these crystals activated, it created a huge magnetic force around the planet and I just saw light expanding everywhere. Pretty awesome and exciting that this shift has now happened.

Following this shift I had been waking up every night, to seeing a line of codes/symbols being filtered through my crown chakra, but as I awoke, I always saw above me a small dot of light that was being resealed, like a zip of codes and then the light shutting down. I needed to know what this was! so I asked for guidance and asked for them to bring me the answer.

The following day I was just drawn to start writing, I had to place information down on paper. The information that was brought forward was as follows….

– As lightworkers/earth angels we took out a soul contract to be brought to this earth plane in order to help the planet transition to light but for maximum benefit part of our soul light code was given a life plan.

– When we arrived on this earth plane we were put to sleep spiritually. Our life plan then begins, with each life experience, places we go, people we meet if it is Gods will part of our soul coding is left behind. These soul codes are with certain people, in certain places etc. Have you ever wondered why as an earth angel our life plans until now have been so difficult? two reasons, one we bring love and compassion wherever we go, and 2 soul codes are left behind ready for the transition, we are effectively as spiritual beings broken down and fragmented only to find ourselves later on.

– A week or so ago the Crystalline grids connected and were fully active this has activated lights all over the planet.

– At the same time many souls are reaching the gates of the 5th dimension and fully connecting with their higher self and our spiritual beings around us etc

– As your light becomes stronger the light of your soul is connected to both the father God and Mother God. You become a beacon of light. This light then activates like a magnet and fragments of our soul codes are brought back into our energy systems. But before this happens, as your light becomes stronger it activates the light in the codes from your soul left in certain places, with certain people etc. So as your main soul light activates, so do the fragments of your soul scattered in different places. Its like a huge gathering of light.

– These fragments of your soul can be left with people, places within the 3d or it can be on the 4d etc, but they all become activated when your soul reaches the high vibration of energy. When they activate, they activate an imprint of light wherever they are.

– These activations takes place strategically in accordance to the planetary healing, which is why I have always said, ascension is not a race!!! We are all being activated at specific times to connect the grids of light together.

– Once all of the fragments of your soul become active and are working on the same vibrational frequency as your main soul, they begin to reconnect and therefore you are becoming whole again.

– Once all of the fragments have arrived back with you, you will then begin to receive new codes within you from the different dimensions, upgrading you and activating the full power within you.

– I was shown that when this happens your health increases, cells regenerate etc and we become fully integrated into the crystalline state,

So all in all as lightworkers until now many of you have given parts of your soul to different places etc which has then caused a huge wave of light!. Then we see the rainbow children arriving and stepping into their power and they are paving the way for the new world. Super exciting!

I hope this helps everyone xxxxx Lots of love

Ps I would love to know other peoples experiences etc, we can all help each other out 🙂
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Ascension update… Crystals being activated ready to ascend the planet

So for many we all already have the knowledge that crystals help to realign our energy systems and rebalance the mind body and spirit, but there is an awareness growing that something has changed.

I have only been shown this information today by my guides so I have felt that I have had to write what they have told me, Crystals have been strategically placed around the world on certain energy lines. Many until now have remained hidden for this very purpose. In the past few days now that the energy of the planet has changed and the ascension process is speeding up. These crystals are becoming activated all over the world. Crystals not only transmit energy but they absorb to.

There have been many lightworkers across the world who have been transmitting light from the universal source, our galaxy sun. These rays that they are transmitting are on a frequency that they not only activate energy systems but can change the molecule makeup of physical form. In effect the DNA of these crystals have been activated.

For many who are sensitive to energy, the past week or so you have felt tired, and also for many you may have had ringing in the ears… like on an aeroplane, headaches… but not normal headaches, more like pressure change. Many of this is down to the sudden frequency change on the planet as these crystals have been activated.

I was shown huge lines of light within the core of the earth joining and that light is being pulled and connected to the pillars of light being channelled from the universal power source, shifting the frequency of the planet even more. We are now in full force of the ascension process and its super exciting!!! tiring but exciting!

Many lightworkers have been called into work. This has often been during sleep state on a subconscious level. Many have been called to service. When this happens your energy/spiritual being is transported to the higher dimensions and some are called upon to be in meetings about what is happening, these are with the high spiritual councils, others have been delegated to transmitting light from the universal source. These are the lightworkers who have a duty to be the physical forms of light onto the planet. During this time there have also been many who have been called into duty of absorbing negative energies and transmitting light, these lightworkers will often recall seeing themselves at the gates of light, they will feel tired during the day often, and having to take lots of naps during the day etc, because physically part of their energy has been called somewhere else.

Then we have the lightworkers who have been called upon to connect with the light being transmitted into the earth and guide that light along these energy lines, activating the crystals within the core of the earth.

Now that these crystals are now activated, the very core energy of the planet has changed, and these crystals will also transmitting light into the earth, and many will be starting their ascension process from now. The whole planet has literally now been activated and the light is forming a huge grid. When that grid is fully active the planet will be filled with light, and then the fun really begins!!!!

Keep going my friends, you are exactly where you need to be xxxx

Love and light Sam

Raising our consciousness is not about following someone else’s path. Its about following our own


Spiritual Warfare, how to understand it

For many lightworkers out there who are sensitive to energy spiritual warfare is a very real thing.
When you are sensitive to energy you have one of the 7 main gifts of the holy spirit which is discernment of spirit.
Spirit is energy. Holy spirit is love and light.
As Love and light is very real, so are the darker energies.
When you are sensitive to energy then you are able to pick up on both. This can be seen as a blessing if you are able to manage it. Yet can be hard if you are not aware that darker energies are effecting you.

Do you ever walk into a room and immediately sense the energy? Are you ever around someone and can sense their pain? or emotions? Do you ever come home after being surrounded by people or in a hostile environment and feel overwhelmed with emotion?

Not only are adults effected by energy but Children and animals too. Children in particular are energy sponges. They can be super sensitive to everything going on around them. Some children are born with such high sensitivity gifts that they find school and life a real struggle and they can often be left feeling overwhelmed and angry as children. But this often isn’t their character, but they are reacting to the energy that they have been surrounded with during the day.

Spiritual Warfare isn’t just to do with spirit (as in passed over loved ones etc) but its to do with the very light and dark forces of energy that surround us.

It is however something that doesn’t have to be feared, and can be overcome, if you understand what is happening and how to fix it.

Understanding a spiritual attack… Symptoms

Often if we have been under spiritual attack, so by someone giving ill intent or thoughts out to us you will feel either some or all of the following

– Nausea
– Your energy may feel jittery or on edge
– Anxious
– A feeling of uneasiness
– You will be fine but then suddenly feel uneasy
(when explaining these signs If they are serious I would always recommend seeing a doctor if they persist)

If you feel any of these then you may have come under spiritual attack. For a prayer to combat this and clear your energy follow me on you tube under samanthafourieangelsanctary.

The Next degree of spiritual warfare is often the one that is difficult to spot. Its for many people who are sensitive to energy, also known as empaths, sensitives. These problems occur when you have been exposed to a lot of negative energy within an environment. It may not be directed at you, but still you feel effected by it. I had a situation where I walked into an old Roman Amphitheatre and when in the part that the Gladiators were based, I had a huge panick attack, felt physically sick and could literally feel the despair and the fear that had been there. Everyone else seemed oblivious. But as soon as we went into another part I was fine.
This was an extreme case of picking up the negative energy of an environment. But this can also happen gradually over time, if you are in a job or a place where the negative energy is high, or you are dealing with a lot of emotionally issues etc.
The problem is when there is negative energy, it generally attracts more and unless you can identify what is happening or understand what it is, many people who are empaths without knowing it can be picking up on this and becoming effected.

Signs to look out for.
-Sudden Anxiousnous
– Nervousnous when walking into a room (especially if you are normally quite confident)
-feeling jittery or uneasy
– Your emotions suddenly feel overwhelmed. Your mood which had been fine suddenly changes and you feel yourself completely on edge

Your energy system or the aura around you is like a sponge. It absorbs other energies around you. If you are exposed to a negative energy for to long then this can eventually lead to your energy system becoming low until it eventually retreats inwards on itself and you begin to feel depressed and Anxious all of the time.
If you start to feel like this.. seek advice from both a doctor and an angel healer on here and together we can help you through it. If you are feeling suicidal I would always recommend seeking medical advice quickly.

Dark energy attachments.

There is out there unfortunately a lot of light and lot of dark. There are many people who are becoming attuned to reiki and energy practices, giving out tarot readings, working with spirit who are very much being guided by the light. However there are also people practising the same types of practices who are inadvertently being guided by the dark. A lot of the time they are unaware of this and although would never do anything to intentionally harm people, they have inadvertently picked up on dark attachments due to their energies being opened, and they haven’t been able to recognise this has happened. I often have people come to me who have said that they have had a reiki treatment and felt ten times worse. This isn’t the practice of Reiki or the person conducting it deliberately making them feel bad, but what I have seen happen many times is the people having the treatment have been very very sensitive to energy. When they have had the reiki treatment then they too have picked up on the negative energy and have felt much worse.
The same goes for many who have been given Tarot readings, I have seen in the past many lightworkers who have been working very much in the light and they shine so brightly, then go for a tarot reading thinking its a good idea, then suddenly the tarot reader is inadvertently channelling a darker energy (often they masquerade through as angels or spirit guides) and then before they know it they are being told that all of their worst fears are going to come true. and suddenly their light has been dimmed and they feel terrible, all of their spiritual light work stops and for a moment the darkness wins.
Now this is often not the fault of the reader or the therapist, however it is a tricky minefield out there and until they are able to understand what is happening things like that are unavoidable.
The key things to be aware of is if you have a reading or a treatment, you should feel so much better afterwards. If the light was working with them you would feel nothing but love around you and comfort from both healings and readings. If you feel worse or doomed by what’s around the corner then you have been guided incorrectly and that person was being guided by the darkness. (often unaware that this is whats happening)

If something like this happens, you can use a prayer to clear the spiritual darkness away and this should make you feel a lot better.

If you still feel uneasy then pray that you are guided to another lightworker who can help you, then follow your instincts and allow yourself to be guided to another healer.

If you are a healer/energy worker and think you have come across a negative attachment.

When I was first attuned to reiki I would give a treatment and literally pick up everything that person was feeling, which was great they were having a great treatment and felt awesome afterwards, but this would leave me utterly exhausted and overwhelmed. No matter how much I grounded myself, protected myself etc it was never enough. I would literally be pulling everything from them into me, and then not understanding what to do with it.
If you are feeling like that then you have the gift of being an amazing healer, however you just need to know how to deal with the negative emotion you are picking up on.
This often calls for some powerful prayer and work to bring your energies quickly up to be in tune with the holy light. Once you are in tune with the highest of light then you will be able to act as a vessel to remove dark energies and disperse them into light, without it effecting your own energy fields. I thought after 10 years experience that I had come across every type of energy, but then I had an experience where I removed a toxic energy from someone during a treatment and this was super powerful, It was huge and when I saw it being removed it took a long time to remove it and was dark dark energy. I was being helped by me angels and the Archangels but still I felt an attachment on me afterwards. Whatever it was was really powerful and super angry that I had removed it from the person. I was then a mess for days. On the following days I prayed that I be guided In the right direction and I no longer felt like this. This was when I had a visitation from the most powerful light source. This was not an Archangel or and angel, this was stronger, the light was the most powerful I have ever ever seen, and the love was unbelievable that filled my heart. I was engulfed by a light that was so powerful that it took the negative attachment away immediately. This I now understand as being the holy spirit and I am blessed to be able to act as a vessel for removing the darkness from people.

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Who are our galactic guides and why are they making contact

Well here it is, I never in a million years thought that I would be writing about ET’S, My healing and work has always been linked to the Angels, Archangels, Spirit guides and I am very spiritual based, I love reading the bible and I pray to God my creator every day. So coming across the amazing ET’S in my work, was a bit of a surprise.

I don’t even like the term Alien/ET to me having worked with their energy, they are our galactic guides, and they are certainly not alien… They are pure Love and light and their frequencies are amazing.

I would like to say that I have come across negative ET’S, but so far I haven’t, and if I do then I will be sure to share, however once your consciousness has expanded into the 5th dimension, then it is resonating with the frequency of love and light. From my experience I have only ever experienced negative entities/energies/beings within the 4th dimensional plane. I have written more about these entities in some of my other articles. But for now lets concentrate on these amazing Galactic beings.

As lightworkers we are here on this earth plane to act as transmitters of light. We are the worlds telegraph poles of light! When we were stuck on the third dimension, we were completely stuck, we were absorbing and transmitting much of the earth plane energy that was floating around in the lowest frequency… Often this frequency was of a low vibration and negative feeling. Did you ever feel that your emotions were so up and down?, One minute your fine, next minute your crying for no reason? As an energy transmitter you many not have been carrying your own emotions, but absorbing and transmitting other people negative emotions.

In this 3d state, many lightworkers and earth angels would innately want to jump in and help people. You knew that you had to help… Yet you would literally absorb everything that anyone was carrying and then you would be an emotional wreck? sound familiar?

So basically as lightworkers when we were stuck on the third dimensional energy frequencies we were absorbing and transmitting both positive and negative energies, leaving us all over the show emotionally…. Many Earth angels/lightworkers would have been placed on medication at this point. But that’s a whole other story!!

Ok so now the planet until now has been on the very same path… stuck on a lower vibration. However over the past few years there has been a lot of healing going on within humanity and the earth, and then boom, on the 26th August this year, there was a mass shift energy wise…. the lions gate portal opened and this was the gateway to the new era! as new agers would call it, the age of aquarius, the new dawn, or as the bible puts it… The Revelation/the awakening. When this happened suddenly the energies shifted and it took the planet into a natural state of higher energy vibration.

When this did happen, it seemed like the world had gone mad! suddenly those people on a lower vibration suddenly got lower!…. even more evil/greedy/egotistical where as suddenly people who until now, had just wanted to share love to the world but was struggling in this environment were starting to awaken to the fight and love within them… More people than ever before were waking up to looking after the planet, more people were waking up to understanding that they no longer wanted to be controlled by the environment around them. A whole cleansing process was going on.

So all in all… The awakening/revelation had begun. We are all souls who have originated from the mass energy of the universe. We are all particles of energy that have originated from our source/mother-father God. As the consciousness of the planet has now shifted this is causing a ripple effect within ourselves. We are for the first time ever feeling our souls stirring and wanting to fully connect with who we truly are…. mulitidimensional beings who have originated from the universal power of energy.

Our Galactic guides are masters of energy, They have been called in by Our creator source to help guide us in our understanding of light, energy and how we can master this for the greater good.

Until now earth has been like a troublesem child in galactic terms who has been stuck in torment.

But now is the time for us to stop and grow up in energy terms!! its time for us to stop messing around, start loving ourselves, each other, the planet and engaging in our innate power of love and light so that yes… we can all live in peace.

Our galactic counterparts have already mastered living in the highest state of consciousness and they are here to help us understand our true potential within the universe.

Our galactic guides are here as our teachers, they want to help us tune in to the christ consciousness… The God source so that we can each fulfill our role here on earth at the highest possibe frequency.

With the frequency of love and light planet can be restored, We can change ourselves from within and each be dialled in to the love and light from the universe.

This is just the beginning!

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