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Being the light is who we are….

For many lightworkers we feel tired, we can feel lost, we can feel that we dont truly belong.

For many during this ascension process we have been under attack, we have been discovering who we truly are, we are discovering that those around us are also not quite who we believe them to be.

For many we have had to undergo a shedding process of losing everything we know and understand around us. We have let go of family members who have turned on us. We’ve let go of our third dimensional gains such as material items, money etc and we have had to step into a new us. We have experienced rebirth and although it was painful. It’s been exciting. We have known that we are about to step into a new world.

So what now? We have survived this difficult part of understanding who we are, we have awakened to our soul and our highest form of spiritual self. We often feel like the old us never existed and it was all just a dream. Yet we still feel we are being called to do more. Part of us also feels like our whole lives we have worked so hard helping others, searching, finding ourselves and now that we can relax knowing that our life long mission to help the ascension of the planet is finished what do we do now?

Being the light…. let go of fear of the future, let go of wondering what the future brings and just BE THE LIGHT. We can often think… ok now is the time I can make more money, do more things etc and then we slip into the old third dimensional self. And we forget exactly what we are here to do. We are here to hold the light. And at this point in time of the ascension of the planet it is more important than ever before to not lose focus and hold the light.

Spend every day living in gratitude. Take time to embody the light within you. Only surround yourself with people who love and support you, fill your heart. Remember our hearts are the most powerful energy source in our entire energetic being. Feeling and being an embodiment of love is the most important thing we can do right now. Our love is so powerful that when it radiates from the heart we hold the vibration of love for the whole planet. Although the ascension of the planet is complete the dark forces are still looking at keeping humanity trapped in a low vibration of consciousness, this way they do not lose control. If we all come together to do nothing but hold love we can break the barriers or control and the whole of humanity will ascend.

So what’s your plan today? Be nothing but love, shine from within, love yourself and know that we are all in this together. Below I have left a beautiful affirmation to shine love from within. The words have been embodied with energy from the divine energy of Source, so as you read them you will feel the power of source within your heart. With all my love to you…. Sam

Affirmation of Love…

” Divine Love, I love you, I love Me, I love my life, I love my purpose, I shine from within and I love that I am Love. With gratitude allow me to be your love for the whole of humanity, I know you are guiding me, protecting me and loving me. We are Love”

As you read this feel the love of the Divine father and mother within your heart. You are forever protected, guided and most of all loved. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

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Planetary alignment! The final activation!!!! Our chakra points are activation codes for planetary alignment

So I just thought I would share a vision I was given yesterday as I was writing. It’s super exciting for anyone working in the light!

At the end of october this year we will see for the first time ever the perfect alignment of planets in our solar system. But what does this signify spiritually?

Our planet has been in a long process of healing and ascending into a new state of consciousness. Last year particularly saw a huge shift in awakening within humanity.

But yet we have still struggled with our energies and felt like being in a tumble dryer of energy, ups and downs and madness in the world!

Good news is this is all about to come to an end.

As we all know we are energy beings all uniquely connected with our universal divine father source energy. We live in the most beautiful planet mother gaia and we are all uniquely blue printed with energy activation points…. our chakra system.

Our chakra systems are energy activation points that are imprinted with energy from our origins from the universe. Our planetary code!

When the planets align at the end of the month all of humanity’s unique blue prints/DNA (which we have until now thought of as being chakra systems) will be activated and we will all be completely reconnected with our planetary origins.

So how does this play out in the war between light and dark?

When these planets align and all of our unique DNA imprints are aligned we will be fully activated in light, reconnected with our origins of light…. this means the same for those controlling our planet working within the dark. Any being not connected with light will not survive. (This means their soul will not return it’s impossible to) it also means any means of energy control that they are using will not work either. It will all not survive as the DNA of humanity will be untouchable!

So peeps… when we see these planets align… we are stepping into new world. Its over… the light has won!!! And we will each be uniquely reconnected with our place in the universe system.

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Rainbow children, crystal children and star children

Who are the Rainbows?

Rainbow children are here as part of a new world, now that the planet has been shifted into a new rainbow frequency from now on it will only be rainbow children born. There has however already been millions of rainbow children already born to this world and just by them being here hae helped with the ascension of the planet.

These rainbow children have been arriving for the past 20 years, however their arrival has become progressively more within the past 10 years. Their very existence has helped to shift the planet and humanity into a new state of conscious awareness. They are of such high vibrational frequency that they have literally helped to light up the world by their arrival.

The rainbows are such high vibrational beings that they are literally here as pure transmitters of light. And their arrival helped to join the dots of light in the ascension process of the planet.

Characteristics of rainbows…

– Rainbows as babies are extremely calm and peaceful. They literally bring healing to the people around then just by their presence

– They have a calm spiritual knowing within them. They often hold knowledge that others would only ever be able to find in books. They literally have a knowing.

They are extremely sensitive to energy, they seems to transform the energy of a place simply by being there.

– They can always seem to know what you are thinking and can read your mind, they have strong intuitive and psychic skills.

– they often have alot of allergies…. the older rainbows are often struggling with allergies because when they arrived here on earth their bodies were to pure for the physical earth around them. This often caused severe skin allergies and food allergies.

– They have deep knowledge and understanding of this world at a very young age, they have a knowing and sense of serenity in their knowledge and purpose…. They know why they are here.

– They often have all types of spiritual gifts and all seem to be of the same strength. Those spiritual gifts are..


Psychic gifts

Gift of discernment

– Rainbows are often confident, focused, empathic, and very in tune with people and the planet. They often have an aura around them that commands attention but in a positive way. They really do have so much light in them and they seem to know exactly why they are here.

Rainbows are a gift to the world, they’re arrival helped to shift the planets energy field and they are set to change the world.

Crystal children…

Crystal’s have been arriving before the start of the rainbows and still are arriving.

They’re purpose is more to do with being energy transmitters and absorbers.

You have the rainbows who are here to be The light, yet you have the Crystal’s who are here to absorb and transmit the energy of the planet. They arrived before the rainbows to pave the way for the light.

Most Crystal’s were born to other crystal children or indigos to enable them to do their job here on the planet.

Crystal’s are of a slightly different frequency to the rainbows yet are here for a very divine purpose. Wherever they go they absorb and transmit light. They arrived in a slightly lower frequency to the rainbows for the very purpose of shifting the planets frequency to the next phase.

Characteristics of crystal children…

– They have been arriving in the past 25yrs.

– They are extremely sensitive to Energy and seem to absorb energy wherever they go. This can often leave them feeling drained and over emotional as they are continuously absorbing and transmitting energy.

– They struggle being in places where there are lots of people or negative energy

– They can be hyper sensitive and highly emotional beings as they are often absorbing other peoples energies around them. This can often cause them to struggle at school etc

– They often have the following gifts however one may surpass another..

– Gift of discernment

– Healing

– Seeing spirit and energies

– Naturally intune with energy around them and are naturally drawn to mother earth and Crystal’s.

Crystals are amazing children who have helped to shift the planets ascension into the next level.

Star children…

Star children have been arriving for generations, yet for many they are only awakening now as to who they are. Star children will keep on incarnating here on earth until the end of time, they are here to create a new world and they will forever be on this planet assisting with her progression.

Star children are exactly that. They are energetic beings who have chosen to incarnate on this planet but originate from the star systems and galactic families.

Characteristics of star children…

There are so many different types of star children here as there are so many incarnated from different parts of the star system. However star children will have these regular characteristics….

– They will be extremely assertive when it comes to energies around them

– They will have a deep foundation of knowledge about the universe and how we are all connected, this will often be with them not understanding where this knowledge comes from but it’s just there within them.

– They will often be very wise for their years, like they have hidden knowledge within them, They will be calm, knowledgeable and a peaceful way about them

– They will often feel that they are from somewhere else, they may feel uneasy or like they dont fit in. This is only until they begin to understand you they are.

– They will have a natural affiliation to the stars and the universe around them.

Star children are amazing etheric beings who have chosen to arrive on this planet to bring knowledge and information to humanity.

As you can see the plaber is moving quickly into some very exciting times and we have alot to look forward to.

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Gift of discernment

The gift of discernment is one of the first gifts that we recieve as our souls become awakened to the source within us.

So what is this gift? It’s the gift of being able to discern from good energy to bad energy.

The beginnings of this gift would be the following…

– You would sense when there was good energy around you and bad energy. You would have a feeling in your soul if something is right or not. It would be an instinct, a gut feeling that someone or something had good energy/feeling about it.

– As this gift increases and our senses become awakened to the different energies around us this will then begin to expand and we will immediately begin to naturally follow our intuition and we can tell is someone is lieing, telling the truth etc. This will become natural to us and we will naturally be picking up on the truth in people. (Rainbow and crystal children are already natural at this skill)

– For some this gift may even stretch to being able to then physically see dark matter and light matter. This will normally occur during healing sessions where by you will begin to see a person’s aura and you will see dark matter as sticky dark energy attached to an aura. When this happens you will start to see that you have the gift of advanced discernment of energy.

– For some your gift may also develop into advanced discernment of spirit, this is when you will be seeing and feeling spirit around you and you can sense if it is from the light or from the dark. For many we often feel if there is a dark entity around us as we wi begin to feel uneasy, nauseous, uncomfortable and a feeling of dark spirit around you.

You may even see the spirit as a dark shadow, a dark being, or for some with the most advanced skill you may even see them as demonic beings, for those who are seeing these kinds of things you have a very special gift and to find out more about how to work with this gift please message direct and I can help to work directly with your gift and how to control and enhance it.

The gift of discernment is a powerful tool and you should feel privileged that your soul is guiding you to use it.

Love and light Sam xxxx