Prayer page

Myself and my other therapists trained in distance healing complete daily prayer for all those who request it.
Prayer is a form of love and light being sent to the person in need/place or situation.
When prayer is completed by yourself or others you are in fact asking our spiritual guides and helpers who are all working for God to transmit Love and light to the person in need. Every prayer you are sending out light to the person in need. This light is powerful energy that is being transmitted to that person and amplifies the healing that is already being sent by their own Spiritual guide and Angels.

To request your name (and its perfectly ok to request yourself! we all have moments where we need a little extra help!) or a name for someone else please put the name down on the comments below. ( No need for email addresses etc just the name where the prayer is being sent. I will try and respond to everyone once prayer completed)

Love, light and peace Sam xxx

Spiritual Healing, Courses and guidance.

5 thoughts on “Prayer page”

  1. Please can u send healing to myself
    My son lucas
    My parents Richard and Jenny
    My sister Estelle who has been more poorly this year then well.
    Thank you xx


      1. Thank you, I appreciate it ❤ I saw your advert in psychic news, it jumped off the page at me! I've been watching some of your youtube videos, they are lovely thank you for sharing this help with everyone! xx


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