Circle of light. Free healing in the light circle.

Every day a circle of light is held for those in need. The light from The Angel’s is for everyone to access. 

To be added to the prayer circle and circle of light feel free to leave details below and someone will be in contact. 

Love and light Sam x

Divine Angel light healing

Immerse yourself in the light of the Angel’s. Clear your energy if unwanted negative energy and allow your whole energy system to be filled with light.


5 thoughts on “Circle of light. Free healing in the light circle.”

  1. Please can u send healing to myself
    My son lucas
    My parents Richard and Jenny
    My sister Estelle who has been more poorly this year then well.
    Thank you xx


      1. Thank you, I appreciate it ❤ I saw your advert in psychic news, it jumped off the page at me! I've been watching some of your youtube videos, they are lovely thank you for sharing this help with everyone! xx


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