With love from the Angel’s…

Channelled guidance from the light team around us… Today show yourself love, we have felt your pain, and felt your anguish. But now is time for you to let go of all the hurt, let go of what no longer serves you and fill your heart with love. Feel us around you. Know that we are near and know that we are here to answer your call. Call on us and we will always be near.


Divine Angel light Reading and healing.

Connect with your beautiful light team around you. Recieve an indepth Angel message plus light healing for just £10 completed distantly within 12 hours of payment.


Love, Light and Sam x

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Divine Soul alignment Course. Open up your spiritual gifts

This amazing one of a kind course involves guidance on how to open up every aspect of your spiritual development and includes 7 energy attunements that clear and activate every chakra system ready for soul alignment and healing to be activated.